Two weeks out from our opening and we've been chatting to some of the artist visiting from out of town. Here's what Tegan and Telia have to say...

It's Tegan Jones and her show is Miley, Moon Unit, and Me



Hey Tegan, so, what inspired this show?
I have been thinking about this show on and off for 3 years, it has evolved a bit since then but the current concept I had a brainwave July 2016. I was trying to find my connection to the artists that I admired and realised that the one thing we had in common was our fathers and their influences on our music. And then boom! This show was seeded. So my father is the key inspiration for the show. The more I explored the concept, the more I grew passionate about it. I have been able to reconnect with my Dad about old stories (some of which I remembered wrong!), really look into what this father/daughter relationship could look like.

What has the process of creating this show been like?
The process of creating it has been a real joy, I am a real collaborator, working best when creating with others. That’s when the ideas really flow. I have been blessed to have Hana Zreikat come on board because from the first phone conversation, the ideas I had in my head started to really take shape. It’s fantastic to bounce ideas, hear her ideas and really form something that has meaning together. Integral to the process is going through the memory bank and finding stories of my relationships Dad and the music, so I get to sing a real mix of genres in this show from 70s rock,, pop, RnB, country, jazz and music theatre!

Why should audiences come to your show?
Audiences should come along if they like something lighthearted and entertaining that you can take your family to and get an insight into the father/daughter relationship. I really hope that anyone that sees this show feels an urge to connect with other people through music. Be it their dad, or some other father figure or just anyone really. Having one season of this show under my belt, I am very excited to be able to perform Miley, Moon Unit & Me to a Wellington audience. I truely feel that the father/daughter relationship is universal so no matter where I perform it, it will resonate with audiences.

Describe your show in three words.
Heartfelt. Fun. Quirky. ……………….

Thanks Tegan!

You can find more info on the show including, venue, dates & times as well as tickets here


We also caught up with Telia from Poet vs Pageant

Introducing her majesty ‘Miss Congeniality’ Telia Nevile


Tell us, what inspired this show?
It all started with Miss Congeniality and The Odyssey. I try to stretch myself with each new show and after spending a couple of years writing lots of short-form comedy poetry, I wanted to try my hand at writing long-form narrative. There’s something about writing in poetic language that allows you to really let loose and paint the drama on a grand scale (complete with virtuous heroes, story-book villains, blood, corpses and redemption), so it would be a hero’s journey. But where to set it? I thought a beauty pageant would be perfect because who doesn’t love cutthroat competition, dubious shows of talent and #worldpeace?

What has the process of creating this show been like?
It has been a real challenge, but completely worth the effort. Writing the first draft took about 6 months, and the script has been re-written and improved before each new season. After the writing process, you have to learn how to perform it and this is really fascinating because it reveals all sorts of things in the script you didn’t realize were there. Then comes the all-important annoying-the-neighbours portion of the creative process where you choreograph a cheerleading routine and practice it until somebody bangs on your ceiling to make you stop…

Why should audiences come to your show?
Audiences should come to Poet vs Pageant because it’s a rollicking adventure about self discovery and the awkward outsider in us all. It’ll make you giggle, gasp and clutch at your heart, and it will engage your imagination like only a good story can.

Describe your show in three words.
Blood, self-discovery and sequins.

We'll see you there Telia!

For more info on the show including, venue, dates & times as well as tickets click here