All He Wanted Was Some Chicken

This Fringe we have a whopping 52 comedy shows in the festival from stand-up and storytelling to dance and musical comedy with everything in between including Brad Zimmerman's All I Wanted Was Some Chicken. He gives us an insight to what goes on in that head of his when creating a show...




You never know what life is going to throw at you.

You might think you know sometimes, but you don't. You really don’t.

You might think your boring walk to the boring post office is going to take exactly thirteen boring minutes, and you'll encounter nothing unusual along the way.

You might think your boss, Rachel, is calling you into her office to tell you you're fired for that disgusting thing you hoped you got away with (you know the thing I mean).

You might think the mechanic is going to tell you your car is stuffed and you need to fork out a few thousand dollars just to get it back on the road.

And, yeah, those things might happen. They’re possible. Heck, they’re even plausible.

But maybe outside the post office you’ll meet a nice homeless man named Hank who tells you a long and beautiful story that brings a tear to your eye and completely changes your world view.

Or maybe Rachel will tell you that the report you spent hours of your own personal time getting juuuuuuust right is exactly what the company needs, and you're being promoted to Head Superstar Manager of Awesomeness (a brand new position she created just for you).

Or maybe the mechanic is going to drop to one knee in front of you, ruffle your hair, and say "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?" and then you realise that you’ve been turned into a dog by an evil sorcerer at some point, and now you have to track him down to turn yourself back into a human before the end of the next lunar cycle.

...or maybe not.

The fact is you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Maybe - just maybe - you're on a routine trip to get some delicious fried chicken for lunch, and some insane bigoted douchebags decide to show you a hideous side of humanity that you didn't even know was there.

Maybe they abuse you for no good reason and hurl homophobic slurs at you. Maybe they threaten you and make you fear for your life. Maybe you're forced to take a closer look at humanity and your own place in it.

I used to walk around, always thinking I knew what was gonna happen next. I was cocky, and thought that I was smart, or at least ‘intuitive’.

Now I realise that I have no fucking clue.

Although, now there is a newly-activated part of my brain that is ready for literally anything. Well, not exactly ready, but at least open for anything.

Now, if I’m going for a jog (haha yeah right), and a crazed unicorn with an eye-patch jumps out from a bush, holding a knife and a rolled-up copy of an outdated Woman’s Weekly magazine, and yells “Give me your wallet, human flesh creature!” I’ll be surprised... but not that surprised.

Okay, I’ll still be pretty surprised.

Mostly because of the eye-patch, I think.

You get me? Good, because I don’t.

I really have no idea what the point of this post is, except maybe a vain attempt to show you the process I went through in my mind, that eventually led to me writing my show, All I Wanted Was Some Chicken. It’s a story about something that happened to me when I was on my way to get (yep, you guessed it), some chicken.

Maybe you hoped to read something with a point.


Just so you know; my show is a lot more cohesive than this jumbled pile of anglo-gibberish nonsense. My show is good, and you should see it, because you deserve good things.

I like you. You’re cool.



Brad Zimmerman's All I Wanted Was Some Chicken can be found Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th at S&M's Cocktail & Lounge Bar at 8:30PM. For more information and tickets head to

Word on the street (Facebook) is you don't wanna miss this!


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