Australian theatre gets up close and personal

This year (2016) BATS Theatre is hosting four Australian shows for NZ Fringe:

  • HART (8:30pm 20-24 Feb)
  • Sweet Child of Mine (8:30pm 25-29 Feb)
  • Lost in the Looping Glass (6:30pm 26-28 Feb)
  • My Pet, My Love (9:30pm 1-5 March).

Each artist has a different reason for wanting to share their work at NZ Fringe:

For Ian Michael, the performer and co-writer of HART, it’s an opportunity to connect with the Maori community and share stories about the Stolen Generations (between 1910 – 1970 an unknown number of Indigenous Australian children were forcibly removed from their families and taken to children’s homes or foster families):

“We were very fortunate to receive three awards at Melbourne Fringe, one of them being the ‘Tiki Tour Ready Award’ which gives us the opportunity and support to present HART at the New Zealand Fringe. I feel lucky to be given opportunities to be able to tell and share these stories from my country and share them with as many people who will listen. Also, I’m really looking forward to meeting and learning more about the Maori community. I really want to people to understand what Indigenous people went through and the struggle and pain we continue to go through and the only way I felt that I could do that was through the words of those people.”

Bron Batten and her Dad are heading over to perform together in their collaborative theatre show Sweet Child of Mine, born out of a discussion about what Bron’s parents think she does for a living.

“We’ve toured this show all around Australia and also went to Chicago with it in 2013. We’ve heard great things about The Wellington Fringe and New Zealand audiences in general. This show is about families- in particular parents and children and the way they relate to each other. So anyone with a Mum and Dad should come along!”

Helen Bower, the virtuoso behind Lost in the Looping Glass, is excited to come to Wellington for its thriving music scene and is hoping to make connections with international collaborators.

“I’ve met and worked with so many people who absolutely rave about the creative atmosphere in Wellington. With the Looping Glass project nearing a time of growth and development, the opportunity to be part of the NZ Fringe Festival is the perfect way for me to start exploring the Wellington music scene and begin meeting some like-minded creatives for future collaborations!”


Rob Gaetano, the writer and performer of My Pet, My Love feels that the themes of his one-man show, love, loss and the fears we face are truly universal. He visited Wellington for the first time last year and was blown away by the energy of the city:

“I love Wellington, and in a way it’s very much like Melbourne with its great cafes, bars, bustling theatre and arts scene, and of course, the rain. NZ Fringe has a fast growing reputation as being one of the top Fringe Festivals in the world and I want to be part of that!”

We hope that you are interested in helping us share these up-close and personal stories from Australia ahead of this year’s NZ Fringe.