Awards, Thank Yous and CYA Soons

Firstly… Wow! We made it! The hugest of congratulations to everyone who was involved in the 2017 New Zealand Fringe Festival! From all the amazing artists, producers, directors and venue managers, to the radical audiences, sponsors, festival staff and volunteers we truly, honestly, absolutely could not have done this beast with out you! So thank you from the bottom of our wee fringey hearts!


Secondly… Kia ora from Adelaide Fringe! Festival director Hannah Clarke said on the What’s Your Jam podcast the other day that the NZ Fringe Awards night is her favourite night of every year, so it’s safe to say the FOMO (fear of missing out for any non millennials reading out there) this year was out of control. Last year I woke up with sand all through my bed after an early morning swim in the ocean for the third time ever in my life, and a whole lot of happy memories in the form of photobooth pictures. I trust you all had an equally good, if not better, time this time around!

I settled in with a pepsi and some hot chips on a sofa in Gluttony here in Adelaide and tuned in to Live Tweeter Extraordinaire Maddy’s live tweets this afternoon. (I then proceeded to get nice and intoxicated in to the evening so this morning I feel similar to how I would in Wellington. Everything feels right with the world. Excellent.)

So without any further adieu, it is with great honour, privilege and excitement to announce the winners of the 2017 NZ Fringe Festival awards!!


BEST POSTER AWARD presented by Phantom Billstickers



MOST COLOURFUL SHOW presented by Resene


MOST INNOVATIVE WORK presented by Wellington International Airport




MOST PROMISING EMERGING ARTIST presented by the Emerging Artists Trust


OUTSTANDING ENSEMBLE presented by The Amazing Travelling Photobooth


OUTSTANDING PERFORMER presented by Creative Capital Arts Trust


BEST DIRECTED CHAOS presented by QT Museum Hotel


THE PARKIN DEVELOPMENT AWARD presented by Chris & Kathy Parkin and BATS Theatre


THE DARKROOM TOUR AWARD presented by Centrepoint Theatre


MELBOURNE FRINGE TOUR READY AWARD presented by Melbourne Fringe, NZ Fringe, Creative NZ & Trek Global


SYNZ TOUR READY AWARD presented by Sydney Fringe, NZ Fringe, Creative NZ & Trek Global


FRINGE IN THE 'STINGS TOUR AWARD presented by Fringe In The 'Stings


ADELAIDE FRINGE TOUR READY AWARD presented by Adelaide Fringe & NZ Fringe


SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE presented by Creative Capital Arts Trust and The Costume Cave


INAUGURAL LIFE TIME FRINGE SOUL AWARD in recognition for ongoing services to Fringe & The Arts


BEST OF FRINGE presented by His Worship the Mayor of Wellington Justin Lester & NZ Fringe


And there we have it! Another end to another wonderful NZ Fringe Festival. I was going to include some heartfelt thank you messages from our team of hardworking Fringe staff and volunteers... But it would appear they're all hungover or asleep. And quite frankly, good on them. It takes an army to put together a festival for artists, directors and producers to step outside their comfort zones and test new things, remount old work or give something terrifying a go and the NZ Fringe team deserves a whole lot of rest and good food now I think!

Me, Jess, your very Official Fringe Blogger will still be floating around on here between now and the 2018 festival so keep coming back for all your Fringey goodness ... you can't get rid of me that easy!

Talk soon,

Jess x