Hi, I'm Lucy!

Hey groovy people, I’m Lucy!


Photo credit: Lucy Revill

I’m 17 and in my last year of school at Hutt Valley High. I was adopted by the Fringe family a couple of months ago, and now just recently I have been appointed Official New Zealand Fringe Festival Blogger. I wanted something fun to do during my last year of school, and so now I spend every Tuesday at the Fringe office.

Jess has gone on to greener pastures. Just kidding, she has just moved up to Auckland. You might see some guest appearances from her sometimes too.

This year I completed the Class Comedians programme (taught by the wonderful Eamonn Marra) and now I’m doing quite a few stand up gigs around Wellington. I also care very very passionately about dogs, glitter, and good naps.


This is my dog Molly (ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL)

I am going to be sharing with you what goes on behind the scenes here at the New Zealand Fringe Festival, as well as talk to some of the incredible people involved with the Festival. To be honest, I’m still not one hundred percent sure of what actually goes on here, so I will be learning along the way.

Outside of the Flog (Fringe Blog), you can catch me on all my social medias @lucyforrestal