Hold onto your bits! The NZ Fringe Turns 30!

We’re Thirty. We’re Flirty And We’re Thriving.

We’re Thirty. We’re Flirty And We’re Thriving.

That’s right, for three decades the NZ Fringe has been providing audiences in Wellington with amazing cutting edge theatre, comedy, dance, art, children’s shows and more!

This year we open the doors to over 40 venues across the region for the 30th annual New Zealand Fringe Festival, Wellington: 28th Feb - 21 March 2020. And everyone is invited!

To celebrate our 30th year, we are producing our biggest showcase of local, national and international artists yet! With over 150 shows on offer there will be more than enough for audiences to delight in. No matter what their tastes are!

With a crack team of experts at the helm, NZ Fringe has created a fringe filled with so much awesome, that your spare time will easily be filled with all it has to offer.

So come and celebrate three decades of Wellington hosting the country's largest open-access, artist-first festival and let us present you with a cornucopia of incredible creativity from both home and abroad. This is where practitioners of every kind come to express themselves, experiment with form and flavour, and offer accessible art to our region and beyond.