I Went to Edinburgh and Didn't Sleep for a Month

This week I let Sasha Tilly, our Logistics Manager take over on the blog to tell us about her time at Edinburgh Fringe!

Hello. This is me, Sasha Tilly: having fun in Edinburgh. 

 Final day crazy has set inFinal day of festival madness sets in

This year I went to Edinburgh for the month of August to experience EdFringe in all its glory and also steal all of their festival running secrets

My wonderful team

EdFringe is just a massive, massive beast, like Godzilla, but with more glitter. It just takes over completely and the locals are forced to embrace it, or move out for August. Which many do, leaving their flats to be rented out to starving artists for 3x normal rates. I’m not even kidding, you could sublet your flat for the month and make enough to basically pay your rent for the entire rest of the year. (I was super lucky that I had a room to myself, even if it was on the 4th floor of an old building with no elevator, I’m seriously confused as to how I managed to make it to bed on at least 3 occasions.)

Every nook and cranny becomes a space for art to happen. Every space above, below, behind, beside a bar is a venue. Every bar has a special licence to open until 5am (remember the time we tried to do this here because sports?) Walking through the streets at 1am is just as busy as walking through the streets at 1pm. Except that walking through the streets at 1pm is impossible there is art and people everywhere.

 Pleasance Dome at Sunset - what a dream!

I was thinking I’d try and do Edinburgh by numbers because everybody likes facts. And numbers. People like numbers. I’ll be just like a MasterCard ad, (that’s still a thing right? I am very down with the hip youths) Number of times I stayed out until after 5am Three. Number of those times that were with the boys from Modern Maori Quartet: two. Number times I saw major celebrities in my immediate vicinity: six (including Emma Thompson in dungarees dropping it low at 2am, and Eddie Izzard crashing our staff party.) Number of shows I intended to see: 3,398. Number of shows I made it to: 23. Number of poems read to me by favourite comedian Marcel Lucont: One. Number of new friends I made: priceless. Facebook actually told me I made 36 but that ruins the gag.

Marcel Lucont read me my own special poem about erectile dysfunction


I found this (hilarious) tweet from the first time I went in 2009 that basically sums it up.

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But really, the greatest thing about the job I was in was snacks. These some wonderful cupcakes that a man named Don bought for us.


Bonus: Here's a picture of one of my colleagues and a dog because why not?