Launching Right into It!

WHAT IS THAT YOU SEE!? Could it be? The? 2018 NZ FRINGE PROGRAMME!? And it’s PINK!? I’m just as bloody excited as you are. Today the Fringe Festival programme was launched and to go with it we have a brand new website and branding!

To celebrate the new programme and branding, here are some facts about the colour PINK that you probably didn’t know you needed:

  • The colour pink is named after the flowering plant called pinks.
  • In Thailand pink is associated with Tuesday on the Thai solar calendar.
  • Pink is considered to be the most delicate colour.
  • Flamingos are pink or orange depending on what they eat.
  • Bubblegum is traditionally pink because it’s creator only had pink food colouring.


From today you can start planning your whole Fringe Festival, by picking up a programme from cafes, libraries and information centres around Wellington. OR you can jump on our brand new website and plan you Fringe from there. Tickets are live now on the website so get in quick before that show you have your eye on sells out!

As you can see we have fully embraced the branding for our choice catering options. Summer fruits and all!

No NZ Fringe event is complete without the traditional New Zealand favourite


You can check out the new website and get tickets now from