NZ Fringe Festival 2017 – Our Programme is Launched

Let us take you to the fringes of your imagination!

NZ Fringe is New Zealand’s cutting-edge arts festival in Wellington, and in our 27th year we are thrilled to have over 140 events and we reckon you should get out and experience at least three: we know you’ll fall in love with one, we know at least one will be “the next big thing” and one is guaranteed to give you something to talk about FOREVER.

We have more than 30 International events travelling to Wellington for Fringe from Ireland, England, Finland, China, Australia, Canada, USA, and the Shetlands! This is our biggest international contingent, word is getting out, NZ Fringe is world class.

“I've been lucky enough to travel to some of the biggest Fringe Festivals in the world, including Edinburgh and Adelaide, and experience some amazing shows. I'm super proud that some of the best are coming here to you. From the Fringes to beyond your imagination.” - Hannah Clarke, NZ Fringe Director


In Fringe 2017 you can explore Wellington’s best cats, (yes cats), epically throwback to the 80s, go on a Snapchat adventure, discover the Deep Space (of Naenae), blow bubbles, laugh, cry, make bold choices and regret nothing!


35% of our festival is Free / Koha, there’s new accessibility features on the website, and every single Fringe event is prepared to fire up your imagination!

The Fringe team and the hundreds of talented and amazing artists are thrilled to be part of bringing you all the bits that make up this exciting festival and we look forward to seeing you at as many bits as possible, filling up your whole self!