Phat times ahead at FatG

Jennifer O’Sullivan, the venue manager and programmer for Fringe at the Gryphon

Since 2013 Fringe at the Gryphon has been rocking the Cuba Quarter with quirky local and international acts as an independent venue and presenter. It’s a lot of work but as you’ll see, the amazing shows we get to support make it all worth while! This year I’ve gathered a pretty exciting collection of comedy, theatre, music, and improv, plus something for the kids too. If you are into it, we’ve probably got it (not like that ew although oh wait there’s the erotic fanfiction show so maybe yeah).

International artists

This year we have FOUR performers from Australia bringing some quite fantastic shows to our shores. In fact, Lana Schwarcz (Melbourne) was just nominated for the 720 ABC Perth Theatre Award for her show ‘Lovely Lady Lump‘, a comedy cabaret about her battle with early breast cancer (spoiler: she smashed it!), and is currently performing that very show at Fringe World in Perth. What a hero. 

Tomás Ford (Perth) is another award winning performer bringing ‘Tomás Ford’s Craptacular‘ to FatG. It’s a show about… the worst songs of all time? He’s going to make them good though, he swears. I believe him, he’s got a bunch of 5 star reviews so you know. That’s pretty solid. If you enjoyed We Built This City (by Misters Page and Nokise) you’ll love this. 

If you like your cabaret a little darker, check out Paul Bourke’s ‘Vladimir the Crow Whispering Ghoul’ – a dark fairytale with clowning, song and dance. It’s all very mysterious… He’s also responsible for the direction of our final Aussie performer – Sabrina D’Angelo brings back ‘Why Do I Dream‘, winner of  NZ Fringe Best Comedy 2014 which was criminally under attended that year, so it’s lucky you all have a second chance!


Local performers

We’ve got a bunch of returning babes! PlayShop are back with their exciting new show, ‘Admen‘, which plays with the world of advertising and audience interaction to tell hilarious improvised stories and create on-the-spot advertisements. They won Best Improv last year and that is quite a thing. Also back with the improv is my own company Kickin’ Rad with ‘Lyall Baywatch‘. It’s an epic 10 hour theatrical experience where we will improvise a soap opera one episode after another all in a row. We were also nominated for Best Improv last year so you know it’s a grand old time. 

Making Friends Collective were part of our first festival with Rageface and now they’re back with ‘Against the Piercing Sun‘, an ensemble piece playing with soundscape, music and rhythmic theatre about one person’s search for external validation. It sounds experimental and fringe-y and perfect for the FatG. And rounding us out is our late night erotic masterpiece, ‘Fan Fic After Dark – Take 2‘. Last year I got to read a story about Mr Darcy and Mr Wickham and it was rather sexy and hilarious, and I can’t wait to see what people write this time! It’s our koha show so if you’re short on cash, that’s the one to hit. 

As well as all this kick-ass theatre, the FatG will again be serving delicious beverages and yummy snacks ($1 mixes anyone?) to make sure your Fringe experience is both lubricated and energised. 

Honestly? It’s going to be a heck of a time.


Jennifer O’Sullivan

Venue Manager and Programmer

Fringe at the Gryphon 2016

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