Shamanic Musings

If you haven't been to Lisa Allan's Rapanui - The Song Of Stone what are you waiting for? It's only on for two more nights at BATS Theatre. Lisa Allan is an incredible writer, and shares her shamanic musings with us today.


It's an existential storm. Inside of me the wind, rain and thunder start to do their thing so softly. Before long, they are undeniable. The only way to soothe the storm is to open space in which to meet myself.

My storm is born from living inside structures that don't suit me being who I am. Who I truly am. The world that I have created around me has become a type of cage. It wasn't like that to start with. It was everything I needed... before the storm started. But the storm has arrived and the cage has solidified. It's a natural process, one of moulting. The big questions, the ones that drove me to a degree in Philosophy, have come around for their periodic reassessment. Who are you? Where do you come from? Why are you here? I shed my skin and I step courageously into the unknown.

I'm a shaman. That's the best word for me. This descriptor sits almost laughably on me. But this is the truth. I move between worlds with ease, slipping from the physical to the etheric like a gust of wind. I've found my way, despite the odds. Guided by an inexplicable belief in my experiences.

We are in a time of turning. Things are bumpy as the waters of the old meet the waters of the new. Now, more than ever, we all need to be brave. To ask ourselves big questions and go inside for truth. A beautiful way to seek truth is through storytelling, theatre, creativity. The creative process is profound. It connects us more deeply to ourselves, to others and to the world around us. All of us, who are involved in this Festival, are courageous beings and we are being given the opportunity to deepen our connections and to grow, in the most playful of ways.

To all who notice the wind, the rain and the thunder stirring. To those who are ready to moult. Be brave. Ask the questions. Seek the answers. If creativity calls to you, then let that be your way in... and your way out. It's time.

Shamanic Musings was written by Lisa Allan, the writer and performer of Rapanui- the song of stone. Catch her show at BATS Theatre from the 18th to the 21st of February, 9.30pm.




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