The Diary of a Stoge Chollonger


2006. Bebo. Boost $10 text. Snakes on a plane. And Stoge Chollonge. The biggest day of the year. Teenagers all over Aotearoa dancing about the issues that matter: racial harmony, climate change, computers taking over the world, rags to riches, dinosaurs becoming extinct by smoking.

For me it was 2011. I had changed high schools for my last year at school and it was my first (and only) time competing. It was an experience alright. Many hours were spent sitting in the Westpac Stadium teasing my hair, putting outrageous makeup on, perfecting choreography and spying on the opposition. I later became best friends at drama school with a guy who was in the school team that won in 2011. He still brings it up to this day.

An example of how intense life is:

16651750_10154398512431158_1473562707_n Names protected because I am a nice person

And it's happening again! Stoge Chollonge 2006. At BATS Theatre every night til Tuesday!

We were allowed inside the diary of the team with some private selfiez


This is Hattie. British and proud. Like: boys, My Chem, lip gloss, and the smell of my red felt tip pen (cherry). Dislikes: the taste of my red felt tip pen, school and being bored.



This is Zac - Youth Pastor - Everything in moderation - Live free!


This is Alana. Dancing is her lyfe. Luvz Julia Stiles movies and the Honey soundtrack. Stuck in Shonnon, but moving onto brighter things soon... Xx



Don't talk to her


This is me. Maddy


Me again lol


I like this angle


Ready 4 u all!!!!


Join the team from Girl's High from inception to completion of their dynamic 8-minute dance-theatre comp! Will they claim victory??? :D/:(?

Stoge Chollonge 2006 ON NOW!
BATS Theatre
10th - 14th Feb @ 6.30PM
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