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It's me Jess, with a desk and everything!

Kia ora, I’m Jess! Your highly enthusiastic Fringer who has a passion for Fringe Festivals, breakfasts, top knots and cider. I’m the Official New Zealand Fringe Festival Blogger (so fancy) and I can’t wait to meet you all and chat about your projects.

I feel like we have all only just regrouped from the last one, but the New Zealand Fringe Festival is fast approaching! 10th February to the 4th March 2017 baby!

And you know what that means….REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN!

Have you been daydreaming in your yoga classes about an idea for a show? Can’t stop thinking about your project and how much Wellington needs to see it? Got a bunch of people you’re absolutely dying to work with? You should enter the Fringe!

The NZ Fringe has been running annually since 1990 and has been home to some of New Zealand’s greatest performing icons like Flight of the Concords, Robyn Malcolm, James Nokise and Jess Brien (oh wait, sorry, that’s just me.)

The festival works on an open access platform, which means anyone with any idea (as long as it’s legal according to NZ law, that’s actually an important one) are welcome to come and play. The NZ Fringe is recognised as a unique launch pad for new and established performers to push boundaries, try new things and give audiences a wee taste of the endless possibilities.

A key thing to note for any Fringe virgins out there is you are in charge of finding your own venue and Wellington sure has an exciting array of venues for you. I’ve performed at BATS Theatre, The Fringe Bar and The Gryphon Theatre so can vouch for their awesomeness, but there are so many other venues like VK’s Comedy & Blues Bar, Cavern Club, 17 Tory Street plus a whole list on fringe.co.nz. Don’t feel limited to a conventional performance space though – basically you can perform anywhere and don’t forget Urban Dream Brokerage is here to help! If there’s somewhere you think feels right get in touch sooner rather than later as venues may close their submissions before the Fringe registration closing.

So registrations are pretty simple. All you need to apply is an idea with a title, an image for the program (no words on this image though. We made the mistake of doing that this year and I’m still getting slack about it now, so you can all learn from me), a blurb, a venue and a registration fee. Do it!

This blog is going to be your number one place to get a feel for what’s happening out there pre fest and while we’re deep in the fest and also just an excuse for me to be around 24/7 so you’ll be hearing from me soon.

This is going to be so much fun!!

Jess Brien is a clown, performer, writer and yoga teacher.  In her spare time she drinks cider and eats breakfast foods. She loves connecting with people so find her on all the social medias at @jessssbrien or send an email to blog@fringe.co.nz