What the Fringe?

If you missed What The Fringe for whatever reason, do not fret! Here’s what you missed:

We heard from Hannah (Festival Director), Maddy Warren (Artist and Venue Liaison), Heather O’Carroll (Programme Manager @ BATS Theatre), Joel Wood (Manager of the Fringe Bar), and Aaron and Christine from FatG (Fringe at the Gryphon).

Hannah started off by giving us a brief overview of what you can do at Fringe (literally anything you want), and then went on to give a brief overview of some of the venues that are available at Fringe.  Then we heard from Heather O’Carroll, who is the Programme Manager at BATS Theatre. She explained the process of using BATS as your venue for the Fringe Festival such as the different spaces they have (Propeller, Heyday Dome, Studio), and the separate application process that applies (submissions are open NOW!). We also heard from Aaron and Christine from Fringe at the Gryphon (FatG) and the amazing stuff they get up to there (seriously, check it out). Joel Wood talked about Fringe Bar and how to apply there (email Joel ASAP).

There are roughly 40 venues in the Fringe Festival but if you have an idea for your own venue fire it at us! If you want to do a show in a tree, we can point you in the right direction. If you want to do a show in a swimming pool, we can point you in the right direction. If you want to do a show on a median strip in Island Bay, check out our twitter feed. Anything is possible at the New Zealand Fringe Festival.

If you want to see what was talked about, check out the Facebook live stream of the event (there was some tech issues about 10 minutes before we finished so a bit of the end is cut off!): https://www.facebook.com/NZFringe/videos/1448279658559926/

If you are interested in putting on a Fringe Festival show next year, watch this space. Registrations open September 1st!