Why Do We Need to Talk About Sex?

The team from Pat-A-Cake Productions are opening up the discussion about sex with their latest promenade show May Contain Sex Scenes. This show is set in the Ohtel Hotel along Oriental Parade where solo performer Sabrina Martin crafts a guided experience for a very limited audience.


Catherine Hart, producer for May Contain Sex Scenes, opens up the discussion further with this blog post.

16730964_10208807742373111_119812885_n Artwork by Hannah Beattie

What are your first thoughts when someone brings up the topic of sex? Do you hope that someone will change the topic as soon as possible? Is there a genuine interest in other people's experiences? Or do you get excited at the prospect of sharing your own stories? Each response is valid, natural and something that is worth exploring.

May Contain Sex Scenes is a show that opens up this conversation, with a genuine interest around our personal and collective relationship to sex. It is Pat-A-Cake Productions’ contribution to this year’s NZ Fringe Festival, and promises to be an exciting, intimate show for all kinds of audiences.


16652877_10154418301270197_1924492547_n Performer Sabrina Martin and Director Bop Murdoch outside their very special venue for May Contain Sex Scenes!

As a topic in school, sex is often taught to us in clinical terms; such as here is where the egg is released, and this is how to put on a condom. We are never even encouraged to explore our own bodies, and the topic of actually enjoying sex is often not brought up until adulthood.

There is one thing that I would be willing to place money on, and that is that almost every woman will remember the first time she orgasmed during sex. It may have been her first time, it may have been after a few tries, or it may have even been recently. The knowledge of female pleasure is still one that many of us are discovering, and what an exciting journey!

Masturbation also exists in a somewhat unspoken territory. Raise your hand if you own, and adore, your vibrator (or whatever your chosen assisted pleasure object may be). Let's really celebrate our sexual relationship with ourselves. As I have been reminding myself for years, the longest sexual relationship that exists in my life, is my own, and how important is that!


16729798_10208807687851748_66375252_n Sabrina Martin

May Contain Sex Scenes is a physical performance that deals with each of these topics in a positive and truthful way. Sabrina Martin has created a journey for the audience based on her own experiences, and she invites the audience to join her as she celebrates her own sexuality. If you are interested in the conversation existing around sex positivity, this is a show you can really dig your (metaphorical) teeth into.

To read more, check out the interview that Sabrina and Bop did for FeministFringe.co.nz here, or head to Pat-A-Cake’s Facebook page.

If there are any concerns or queries you have about the topics we are dealing with, please feel free to get in touch! Each individual's experience is valid and valued, and we are open to feedback and discussion.

You can contact us at patacakeproductions@gmail.com


May Contain Sex Scenes is on every weekend through out the festival. For more information and tickets head to fringe.co.nz.    

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