Volunteering at Fringe

Volunteering at Fringe

Thank you for wanting to volunteer for NZ Fringe. Volunteers are an essential part of the NZ Fringe Festival – you will help us make the festival possible!

Volunteering in Fringe can be great fun; you will meet the team behind the Fringe and get the opportunity to see many productions in the Fringe during our Wellington summer. To volunteer for NZ Fringe, please read the following information and submit an application online.

What you get

All Fringe volunteers will receive a free Fringe Volunteer t-shirt and a Fringe addict card for reduced entry to shows and discounts at venues. You will get chances to book free tickets to shows and free coffee to get you through any shifts you do. You will be able to access some of our participant services and you will also be invited to exclusive Fringe events such as our awards night and closing night party.

What we need from you

We will get you to fill in a contact information sheet. All NZ Fringe volunteers are required to supply emergency contact information to our office (which will remain confidential) and agree to let us know if they are unable to attend a shift or event they have signed up for. Basically, we need commitment from you to help us make the festival great.

When we might need you

We will need volunteers to help us throughout the festival (March) and we may need a few people to help us in spreading the word in the weeks leading up to the festival (Mid-Late Feb).

Types of roles

Here at NZ Fringe we don’t run any of our own venues. If you are specifically looking for venue experience or roles associated with venues such as front of house, box office or technical work please let us know and we will put you in touch directly with some venues that could be a good fit for you. Also feel free to check out our Fringe Classifieds group on Facebook for artists looking for cast and crew for their Fringe events.

Our volunteer roles are:

  • marketing
  • surveying
  • box office
  • event assistants


We are looking for people to ‘flyer’ for us by handing out NZ Fringe programmes at events, fairs and markets. This is an essential part of the festival. It helps us grow awareness for the festival throughout Wellington. These roles suit people with a bubbly outgoing nature keen to connect with public and who are enthusiastic about the festival. You will receive basic training on how to approach members of the public and background information about the festival so you can confidently represent us out on the streets.

These roles will be allocated in shifts throughout the festival and are primarily day time based. We do have some evening shifts, you can select/request times and date that suit you. There is no minimum and no maximum amount of shifts available to you. We will always endeavour to organise for groups of volunteers to flyer together – we don’t expect you to walk the streets alone! At the start of each shift you will be given a free coffee card and upon completion of each shift you will be able to book a free ticket to a show that day (or the soonest day available where applicable).


NZ Fringe surveys audiences at venues throughout the festival. Our survey is a simple one page that gathers information to help us better understand our audiences and report back to our sponsors and funders. We require volunteers to gather surveys from audiences at venues during the festival. Surveys tend to be collected in the evenings between 6 and 8.30pm.

As with flyering, survey collection suits people with a happy disposition and an outgoing nature that are happy to approach the public and converse with them. There are normally two survey collectors on each shift. You will be given training on how to approach people, the processes for survey collection, and background information on the festival so you can effectively represent us with confidence.

At the end of each survey shift you will be given a voucher that entitles you to book a complimentary ticket to a Fringe show the next day via our box office.

Box Office

We’re looking to enlist box office volunteers at our box office. These will be supervised roles with direct public interface, you’ll help people find shows and sell them tickets. We’ll make sure you’re the right person for the job and that you have all the training and tools you need to do the task. We are also looking for trained Fringe box office volunteers to help out as box office staff at Fringe venues in the evenings.

Event Assistants

NZ Fringe runs various events in the lead up to and throughout the festival and we always need help running them whether it be help with setting up, ushering, tending the bar or decorating we have a variety of roles that differs for each event. If there is a specific aspect of events that you would like to volunteer for please let us know.

What next?

Once signed up as an NZ Fringe volunteer you will receive further information on dates and types of events, dates and shift availability for flyering and surveying.

Please click on the link below and submit a NZ Fringe volunteer application form. Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch shortly.

Click here to sign up

In the meantime if you would like any further information or if you have any questions please contact us via welcome@fringe.co.nz or phone us in the office on (04) 212 4725.