Artist Resources

Artist Resources

Presenting your event at NZ Fringe Wellington 2019

Here is a link to a folder full of artist resources:

Including terms & conditions of registration, a venues list, a rehearsal space list, logos, poster frames, guides etc: 




When is NZ Fringe?

The 2019 NZ Fringe is 1 - 23 March 2019

What is Fringe?

NZ Fringe is an open access festival, that means we don't programme any shows. Once you register and pay your registration fee you're in. It's that easy.

Why Fringe?

Why indeed. Think of Fringe as the portal for audiences to find and experience your art. We market the festival all over town with poster campaigns, bus backs, radio interviews, media coverage & more. We distribute 25,000 copies of our printed programme far and wide. NZ Fringe run the ticketing on your behalf online and at our NZ Fringe Box Office. We host free forums/info sessions with industry professionals about all things Fringe life. We organise for judges, promoters and producers (both national and international) to come and see your work.  All shows in NZ Fringe are self produced which means you'll put in some grunt work too, but we at Fringe HQ are all experienced in all things Fringe so ask us all the questions - use us to your advantage.

When can I register?

Good news! Registrations are open now and close on 17 October at 5pm. You can register here

What do I need to register?

  • An event - or even just the beginnings of a kick-ass idea.
  • A confirmed venue - talk to us if you need help finding one.
  • Dates and times - when is it going to happen?
  • Ticket prices - how much is up to you, but remember to factor inside fees into your prices
  • A blurb to describe your event (or idea!) - it’s good to keep it snappy and tantalising
  • An image for publicity and marketing - most publications won’t use images with text in them, have a browse over previous fringe programmes to see which ones stand out. (We’ve got a bunch in the NZ Fringe office. Come visit us, have a flick through, talk through your idea with us, remember we’re here to help you!)

What kind of event can I put on?

Honestly, anything. (As long as it's legal.) The Fringe world is your own personal oyster, get munching and we're sure those omega threes will be sure to get your brain juices flowing.  

How much does it cost?

Fringe registration is tiered for different revenue possibilities:

  • $125 : Free events eg exhibition or installation + $50 bond ($175)
  • $225 : Koha/donation and ticketed under $10 + $50 bond ($275)
  • $325 : Ticketed $10.01 and over + $50 bond ($375)

All registrations pay an $50 bond that is refunded once artist reports are submitted after the festival

Inside ticketing fees are $2.50 per ticket over $10.01 and $1.50 per ticket $10 and under.

How do I know which venue is right for me?

You might not, and that's cool. That's what we're here for! Do you want a regular black box theatre space? We know who to talk to. Do you need white walls and pillars? Well we can point you in the right direction. Some venues are programmed by application and some are first come first served. There's a list of Fringe friendly venues in the artist resources. As always if you need a guiding light, Artist & Venue Liaison Maddy is your person

Now I know which venue, how do I go about applying?

You can refer to this handy list for venue contact information and submission deadlines.

  • To apply for all BATS Theatre spaces you need to fill in this form by 4 October.
  • To apply for FatG (Fringe at the Gryphon) you need to fill in this form by 5 October.
  • To apply for The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre you'll need to fill in this form by 5 October.
  • To apply for the spaces at Te Auaha you need to read this info guide and then fill in this form by 5 October.

Can I BYO venue?

You sure can! That's the magic of Fringe. We just need some key information like the name of the venue and the address. You can give us all that stuff right here and then we'll make sure it appears online and in print!

When can I start marketing my event?

It's really handy if you can start gathering all your material as soon as you can. The more prepared you are at the start, the smoother and better your Fringe experience will go. (We promise! We've been in the game collectively for heaps and heaps of years and we've seen the proof) We do ask that you keep your event under wraps until the Fringe Programme goes live in December. By going live en masse we can make a greater impact on the audiences.

Are there funding opportunities for my event?

There are a few options out there for funding. NZ Fringe are pleased to offer our Kākano funding again in 2019, once applications open you'll be able to follow this link to apply. (Please note Kākano is only available for NZ residents.)

Other options can include:

  • Crowd funding campaigns e.g. Boosted, Pledge Me
  • Busking or fundraising nights
  • CreativeNZ Grants
  • WCC Grants
  • Gaming trust charities
  • And more...

It's worth having a think about the fact that the pool of money for arts funding is getting smaller, while the number of amazing projects needing funding are growing. Do your research, check whether you're eligible before applying, make sure you have all the materials required to apply. If in doubt, come and chat to us, we've been through it all and know the ins and outs of funding applications.

I want to do some street marketing or busking events, how do I do this?

NZ Fringe have secured a festival-wide busking permit which covers all events participating in the NZ Fringe. You can busk away to your heart's content, (within the designated busking areas,) all we ask is that you let us know when and what you're planning, so that we can deal with the bureaucracy side of things. 


Already registered?

If you are a registered artist for NZ Fringe 2019, you can log in to your artist profile to review your show details and .


Here are your key dates for NZ Fringe 2019:

  • The 2019 Programme, Website, and Ticket sales go live - December, 2018
  • The 2019 Fringe Festival will be from  1 - 23 March, 2019 
  • The 2019 Fringe Festival After Party will be on Sunday, 24th March, 2019


Fringe logos and your posters

You are required to use a Fringe Frame for your posters and flyers:  


The best way to get people to your event is to tell them it's in Fringe. As a condition of registration it is required that you use a 'FRINGE FRAME' for your marketing material. Think of it as a really big logo. These have been designed through a rigorous marketing and design consultation, we’re not just making it up! This is how audiences will know they can find all the info and tickets they need to your show through Fringe. They will know you're part of the biggest arts festival in NZ.

The brilliant people at Inject developed the Fringe frame for your poster, squarely presenting your work within the frame of Fringe to help people find you through us. Inject have created templates to match 2018 Fringe colour branding. There are also black and white options for those not intending to print in colour. Fringe is all about open access creativity, so yes, you can mess with the frame if it helps sell your show. Whether it's ghostly apparitions or blood splatters go for it. If you're unsure or think maybe you've gone too far, get in touch and we'll let you know.

Summer is festival season in Wellington, it’s a busy time. In addition to Fringe there’s several music festivals, various local community festivals, the international arts festival and Cubadupa to contend with. For this reason we need to strike through the dirge of marketing for shows out there, we need to ensure audiences know how to find you as easily as possible. As the central place for ticketing and information, letting people know you’re part of Fringe is essential to making this happen. Shout about it!

FRINGE LOGOS - A full suite of logos for your programme or website can be downloaded from the artist resources folder. Please include a Fringe logo on your media release and in all printed material as per the terms & conditions of registration. A Fringe letterhead media release template is available in the artist resources folder if you want to use that. The more you tell people you’re in Fringe the better for everyone! 

If you have significant issues, please contact the Fringe team to discuss.  
Phone: +64 4 212 4725 

Life after NZ Fringe

Follow the Fringe path…

  • Fringe World: 18 January - 17 February 2019. Perth, Australia. Registrations open now.
  • Adelaide Fringe: 15 February - 17 March 2019. Registrations open now.
  • Sydney Fringe: September 2019. Applications and registrations approx March 2019.
  • Melbourne Fringe: September/Oct 2019. Applications and registrations approx April 2019.
  • Edinburgh Fringe: 2 - 26 August 2019. Applications and registrations early 2019
  • CAFFS: Starting from May 2019. Applications open end September 2018