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Artist registrations for NZ Fringe 2018 will open 1 September 2017. In the meantime, check out these super helpful and relevant artist resources to get ready for the Fringe!

Already registered?

If you are a registered artist for 2017 Fringe, you can log in to your artist profile to review your registration information and show details.

Here is what you need to have - Resources!

We provide all sorts of docs for you - including a list of venues, rehearsal venues, logos, and guides: 


2018 Terms and Conditions

2018 Step by step guide to registering for NZ Fringe

Here are your key dates!

  • The 2018 Programme, Website, and Ticket sales go live - Early December, 2017
  • The 2018 Fringe Festival will be from  2 - 24 March, 2018 
  • The 2018 Fringe Festival After Party will be on Sunday, 25th March, 2018

Here is what you need to know!

WHAT WE’LL DO - We market the festival throughout the greater Wellington region and around New Zealand and overseas, print and distribute around 25,000 copies of the Fringe programme, list you on the website, generally create a choice vibe and make sure everyone knows the festival is happening and that they should get along to something. We run the ticketing on your behalf through our website and NZ Fringe box office. We secure a festival-wide busking permit for street performances. We host events throughout the festival. We organise judges to see everything in the festival and host you at an awards celebration at the end. We run free forums/information sessions with industry professionals about the many aspects of presenting Fringe works. We make you personalised artist cards that get you access to special deals and discounts around town. We encourage festival directors and promoters to visit Fringe and see your work. AND we’re here to help YOU in the lead up to and throughout the festival – need venue advice? Need help finding somebody for a thing? Coming from out of town or overseas? Get in touch! / +64 4 212 4725.

WHAT YOU DO - Do what you do best - make great work! All works in the NZ Fringe are self-produced, Fringe don’t produce shows or run venues ourselves. Now you’ve registered you will have secured your venue, season dates, and ticket prices. In addition to making your most excellent thing you are responsible for marketing and publicity of your own work. You are responsible for making it happen.

WHAT WE DO TOGETHER - The more we work together the better. Make sure we have the correct information about your work the whole time, if anything changes – if you have to cancel a showing or shift venue at the last minute, or maybe you want to offer cheap tickets, LET US KNOW! Arm us with all the info to help us deliver the right information to your audiences. If you get some amazing publicity shots, let us know so we can add them to our media packs, send them direct to

If you get an endorsement from a top celebrity or professional and want to add it to your web listing email

Let us be the portal to your work, tell everyone you’re part of Fringe, shout about it so audiences can find you and we can sell them tickets to see you!

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hashtag us all to hell/heaven!

Fringe logos & your posters

You are required to use a Fringe Frame for your posters and flyers:  


POSTER FRAMES - It’s standard with Fringe to require our logo on all your posters and printed materials – flyers, programmes etc, but this year we’re stepping it up. As a registered Fringe participant you need to use a ‘FRINGE FRAME’ on your poster. These have been designed through a rigorous marketing and design consultation, we’re not just making it up! This is how audiences will know they can find all the info and tickets they need to your show through Fringe.

The brilliant people at Inject developed the Fringe frame for your poster, squarely presenting your work within the frame of Fringe to help people find you through us. Inject have created templates to match 2017 Fringe colour branding. There’s also black and white options for those not intending to print in colour.

Summer is festival season in Wellington, it’s a busy time. In addition to Fringe there’s several music festivals, various local community festivals, and Cubadupa to contend with. For this reason we need to strike through the dirge of marketing for shows out there, we need to ensure audiences know how to find you as easily as possible. As the central place for ticketing and information, letting people know you’re part of Fringe is essential to making this happen. Shout about it!

FRINGE LOGOS - A full suite of logos can be downloaded from the link above. Please include a Fringe logo on your media release and in all printed material as per the terms & conditions of registration. The more you tell people you’re in Fringe the better for everyone! 

If you have significant issues, please contact the Fringe team to discuss.  
Phone: +64 4 212 4725 

Life after Fringe

Follow the Fringe path…

  • Fringe World: 20 Jan - 19 February 2017. Perth, Australia. Registrations open July 2016.
  • Adelaide Fringe: 17 February - 19 March 2017. Registrations open August 2016.
  • Sydney Fringe: 1-30 September 2017. Applications and registrations 1 - 31 March 2017.
  • Melbourne Fringe: September 2017. Applications and registrations April 2017.