Artist FAQ

Artist FAQ

A page of frequently asked questions! If the answer you seek isn't here, check the Artist Guide, or email Tom.


How do I book comps for my show? How do I get a ticket sales report?
The main admin for your event will have been sent login details for Red61 - the ticketing platform we use.

Here are some guides on how this process works.


How do I get a DOOR LIST of the audience members coming to my show?
Login to Red61 and generate a 'SEAT LISTING' report. This guide will show you how to do this.



How do I book to use Phantom for poster distribution?
Use this site.


Where can I collect my artist pass?
Your artist pass will be available to collect from the Fringe Box Office from Friday 26 Feb.
Box Office - 17 Allen St
Tues - Sat (10am - 6pm)
Sun - Mon (11am - 4pm)

I have a new team member, can I arrange a pass for them?
Yes you can! Enter their details into Eventotron and we'll arrange a pass. Please allow 3 days for this to be processed. You can then collect it at Box Office.

I've lost my pass, what do I do?
Take a long, hard look in the mirror and consider your actions. Then email Tom with the pass you need remade, allow 3 days for it to be made, pick up from Box Office. There will be a fine (small donation to the eternal shame jar) for this.

How does stand-by work?
Anyone with an artist pass can access ticketed events for free but only if there is space in the venue once the event starts. Please check in with the FOH rep at the venue when you arrive and let them know you have an artist pass.



I want to get more people into my show, how do I do that?
Check out the resources from the Marketing and Publicity workshops.
These and other resources are in the Artist Resources Library.

Direct Marketing is the best way to bring in a crowd quickly. Contact groups or organizations that have a connection to your show and offer them a discount (you can set up a promo code with Tom). Prompt them to organise a group booking. 

Some ideas:
 - Facebook groups
 - Online Meet-up groups
 - Businesses your family or friends work at
 - The cafe that you go to every day
 - Your old school/university 

I would like a reviewer to review the show, how does that work?
Read this guide, it's in the Artist Resources Library



How do I get a judge to see my show?
If you've elected (in Eventotron) to be eligible for NZ Fringe Awards, we'll organise a judge for you! Easy done. No invites necessary.

What Awards are there?

The Grand Design Award
Outstanding Solo Performance
Outstanding Ensemble Performance
Stellar Original Content
Momentous Movement
Most Promising Emerging Company
Most Promising Emerging Artist
Memorable Marketing
Spectacular Organised Chaos
Spirit of the Fringe
Best in Fringe

Most Innovative Work

Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award
The SYNZ Tour Ready Award
Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award
The International San Diego Fringe Exchange
The Parkin Development Award



For ticketing revenue, we will be making one payout to artists, arriving the week of April 19, 2021 (potentially a little earlier - we'll try!)  Payouts will go to the bank account that you have submitted in your Eventotron registration or to where you've indicated to your venue they'll go.