Artist Passes

Artist Passes

Every NZ Fringe participant, whether you're the producer, actor, technician, costumer, or even the glitter curator for your event, is eligible to get an NZ Fringe Artist Pass. These mighty wee things are your NZ Fringe ID and give you access to FREE standby tickets to all NZ Fringe shows as well as access to some sweet deals around town - check out the Artist Perks page for more info on these!

It will have:

  • Your Name
  • Your Event
  • Your unique Fringe ID Number
  • A picture of your face

To create your artist passes for you and your team, log in to Eventotron and look at the bottom of the left-hand column of your event for the pink button that says "passes". There will be one HARD deadline in January to get all your info into Eventotron, we'll be in touch by email to let you know when this is. It's essential you list all your team members as we can't promise we'll be able to add new passes after the deadline.  

How do I get my Artist Pass?

We've gone digital! Your artist pass will be emailed to you in the lead up to the Festival - we'll let you know when they're scheduled to arrive!

I have a new team member, can I arrange a pass for them?

If it's before the deadline, sure thing! Just add their details in Eventotron and we can make a pass for them. If it's after the deadline, probably not but get in touch with us 

I've lost my pass, what do I do?

Take a long, hard look in the mirror and consider your actions. Then email us with the pass you need and we'll get it resent to you. There will be a fine (small donation to the eternal shame jar) for this.

How does stand-by work?

Anyone with an artist pass can access ticketed events for free but only if there is space in the venue once the event starts. Please check in with the FOH rep at the venue when you arrive and let them know you have an artist pass.