Covid-19 - Information for Artists

Covid-19 - Information for Artists

A basic guide to event operations under Covid-19

This is a basic guide to event operations under Covid-19 Information will be updated closer to NZ fringe Festival 2023

Please refer to for any public Covid-19 Health and Safety guidelines

The Fringe team is here for you and working hard to make sure Fringe can happen to its greatest extent at any Covid-19 level of operation.

The most important thing is your health and safety and that of the full Fringe community. Contact us anytime.



 - Make sure you've spoken to your venue about covid safety plans. Each venue is different so it's important you talk to them directly. Here are the basics

-        Make sure a COVID tracer QR code is clearly visible at the entrance and throughout your venue. Make sure to provide a tracing register also, for those who cannot use the QR code 

-        Provide hand sanitiser on entry to the venue and, if you can, provide masks.

-        Ensure social distancing measures are followed – 1m minimum physical distancing within the venue at all times. This will likely mean your event will need to operate at a reduced capacity

-        Look after your team. There will be some who will not be comfortable performing or rehearsing at Level 2 and this is ok. Have an open conversation around potential options and keep an open mind – you’re all in it together.



 - Ticket sales are currently on pause to ensure all box office procedures and communications with ticket holders are accurate. 

 - Tickets will only be sold to the Covid RED capacity as given to us by your venue. If you are unsure of this capacity and cannot contact your venue, let me know and I can update you. We will message out once the pause is lifted.

-  All events in the festival will be sold at the RED capacity limit until we are advised by the government of the change of level. 

 - Please direct any ticketing questions directed to you from audience members or those on social media to us via

If you have any questions, please let me know. Via email is the best way however if it's urgent, feel free to call or txt.