Current Artist

Current Artist

Are you a current NZ Fringe Artist? Here are some handy things you need to know.

Here is a link to a folder full of artist resources:

Including terms & conditions of registration, a venues list, a rehearsal space list, logos, poster frames, guides etc:


When can I start marketing my event?

It's really handy if you can start gathering all your material as soon as you can. The more prepared you are at the start, the smoother and better your Fringe experience will go. (We promise! We've been in the game collectively for heaps and heaps of years and we've seen the proof)

We do ask that you keep the details of your event under wraps until the Fringe Programme goes live 4.30pm 18 December. By going live en masse we can make a greater impact on the audiences. Which gets more people to your events!

I want to do some street marketing or busking events, how do I do this?

NZ Fringe have a festival-wide busking permit which covers all events participating in the NZ Fringe. You can busk away to your heart's content, (within the designated busking areas,) all we ask is that you let us know when and what you're planning, so that we can deal with the bureaucracy side of things.

How do I get in to my fringe listing?

If you are a registered artist for NZ Fringe 2019, you can log in to your eventotron profile to review your show details. Now that the programme is finalised and on sale, if you are wanting to make any changes to your listing you will need to get in touch with Maddy who can update them for you.

How do I check on my sales?

You can log in to the VIA Artists portal which will give you access to all sales reports. If you can't remember your username and password get in touch and we'll find it for you!

Can I book my own comp tickets?

Absolutely you can! You can book in as many, or as few as you like. You can do all of this through the VIA Artist portal. And this year we've removed comp ticket fees so you won't be charged extra for booking in all of your mates. (But let's be honest, you probably want them to pay anyway.)

P.S. If your event is at BATS Theatre or Circa Theatre you'll need to stick to your venue agreement regarding comps.

I’m having trouble with my budget, can you help?

Sure! Contact the team, we’re happy to go through your production budget to help keep you on track. We’ll be holding a practical budget workshop in late January too.

Will you give me a letter of support for applications?

Probably! Just ask. Our festival director or festival manager can give you letters of support or confirmation of participation.

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT Fringe logos and your posters

You are required to use a Fringe Frame for your posters and flyers:


The best way to get people to your event is to tell them it's in Fringe. As a condition of registration it is required that you use a 'FRINGE FRAME' for your marketing material. Think of it as a really big logo. These have been designed through a rigorous marketing and design consultation, we’re not just making it up! This is how audiences will know they can find all the info and tickets they need to your show through Fringe. They will know you're part of the biggest arts festival in NZ.

The brilliant people at Inject developed the Fringe frame for your poster, squarely presenting your work within the frame of Fringe to help people find you through us. Inject have created templates to match 2019 Fringe colour branding. Fringe is all about open access creativity, so yes, you can mess with the frame if it helps sell your show. Whether it's ghostly apparitions or blood splatters go for it. If you're unsure or think maybe you've gone too far, get in touch and we'll let you know. And if you're really genuinely struggling to make the frame work for you, get in touch.

Summer is festival season in Wellington, it’s a busy time. In addition to Fringe there’s several music festivals, various local community festivals, and Cubadupa to contend with. For this reason we need to strike through the dirge of marketing for shows out there, we need to ensure audiences know how to find you as easily as possible. As the central place for ticketing and information, letting people know you’re part of Fringe is essential to making this happen. Shout about it!

FRINGE LOGOS - A full suite of logos for your programme or website can be downloaded from the artist resources folder. Please include a Fringe logo on your media release and in all printed material as per the terms & conditions of registration. A Fringe letterhead media release template is available in the artist resources folder if you want to use that. The more you tell people you’re in Fringe the better for everyone!