Future Artist

Future Artist

Are you thinking about taking part in NZ Fringe? Cool! Here's a few things you need to know.

Registrations for NZ Fringe are closed, but you can still be involved!

Although you've missed the boat on getting into our very attractive printed guide, you can still be in the programme! We'll list your event online and you'll receive all the same perks as those early birds who got in on time.

Have a good read of the info below to get your head in the game and then shoot an email to artists@fringe.co.nz if you like to join up.

When is NZ Fringe?

The next NZ Fringe is 26 February - 20 March 2021, in Wellington, New Zealand.

What is Fringe?

NZ Fringe is an open access festival, that means we don't program any shows. Once you register and pay your registration fee you're in. It's that easy.

But Covid-19! Is there going to be a Fringe in 2021?

OH MY GOSH YES! NZ Fringe will go ahead from 26 February – 20 March. We are keeping a close eye on government guidelines in order to bring you the safest Fringe we can. We’re pretty lucky that we’re got a fair amount of freedom here in Wellington, but if the last month has taught us anything it’s that we can never be too careful.  Whether we can gather together in small groups, enjoy art at social distances or entirely from the comfort of our homes, one thing we know for sure is there absolutely will be an NZ Fringe in 2021

Why Fringe?

Why indeed. Think of Fringe as the portal for audiences to find and experience your art. We market the festival all over town with poster campaigns, bus backs, radio interviews, media coverage & more. We distribute 25,000 copies of our printed programme far and wide. NZ Fringe run the ticketing on your behalf online and at our NZ Fringe Box Office. We host free forums/info sessions with industry professionals about all things Fringe life. We organise for judges, promoters and producers (both national and international) to come and see your work. All shows in NZ Fringe are self produced which means you'll put in some grunt work too, but we at Fringe HQ are all experienced in all things Fringe so ask us all the questions - use us to your advantage.

When can I register?

You can start your registration now! Get in touch if you have questions or want to start a conversation with us about your amazing plans. You can find us at artists@fringe.co.nz we are all ears (and eyes, and legs, and arms...).

Head to Eventotron to start your registration but if you're new to the game, best to read the info below first.

What do I need to register?

  • An event - or even just the beginnings of a kick-ass idea.
  • A confirmed venue - talk to us if you need help finding one.
  • Dates and times - when is it going to happen?
  • Ticket prices - how much is up to you, but remember to factor inside fees into your prices
  • A blurb to describe your event (or idea!) - it’s good to keep it snappy and tantalising
  • An image for publicity and marketing - most publications won’t use images with text in them, have a browse over previous fringe programmes to see which ones stand out. (We’ve got a bunch in the NZ Fringe office. Come visit us, have a flick through, talk through your idea with us, remember we’re here to help you!)

What kind of event can I put on?

Honestly, anything. (As long as it's legal.) The Fringe world is your own personal oyster, get munching and we're sure those omega threes will be sure to get your brain juices flowing.

How much does it cost?

Fringe registration is tiered for different revenue possibilities:

  • $25 : Free events e.g. exhibition or installation + $50 bond ($75)
  • $75 : One off ticketed event or digital ticketed event*  + $50 bond ($125)
  • $150 : Unticketed koha event, pay at the door + $50 bond ($200)
  • $225 : Event ticketed under $10 and koha events requiring pre-booking + $50 bond ($275)
  • $325 : Ticketed $10.01 and over + $50 bond ($375)

All registrations pay a $50 bond that is refunded once artist reports are submitted after the festival

Inside ticketing fees are $2.50 per ticket over $10.01 and $1.50 per ticket $10 and under.

* For the purposes of Fringe registration, a digital event is a work that has no in-person element. This can include events that are live-streamed over the internet or presented on screen (cinema style) in a venue

What if my event can’t go ahead? Will I get my registration fee refunded?

If an event is cancelled due to COVID-19, you will be given the following options

  1. Receive a full refund of their registration fee; or
  2. Adapt your show to a digital or physically distanced context; or
  3. Roll it over to cover an equivalent registration for NZ Fringe 2021

Just remember, you won’t get a refund for simply changing your mind so think about whether you’re in a position to put on a show in this year’s Festival.

I’m from overseas – can I put my event on as part of NZ Fringe 2021?

Okay, so not really... 

COVID-19 is real. 

Borders are closed. 

Travel is pretty limited.

As all Fringe events are self-produced, you will need to make your own visa arrangements and pay for your own border quarantine. It’s unclear at this stage what travel and visa restrictions will be in place in New Zealand in February/March 2021. So, while it breaks our heart, we strongly recommend that international artists do not travel to Wellington for their event in 2021 It’s just too risky. BUT something we at NZ Fringe are passionate about is innovative art forms.  

So, if you’re an international artist, here’s our challenge for you: how can you present an event at Fringe that doesn’t involve you physically having to be here? Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas artists@fringe.co.nz we'll get a Zui sorted in no time

How do I know which venue is right for me?

You might not, and that's cool. That's what we're here for! Do you want a regular black box theatre space? We know who to talk to. Do you need white walls and pillars? Well we can point you in the right direction. Some venues are programmed by application and some are first come first served. Here a list of Fringe friendly venues in the artist resources. As always if you need a guiding light, our team are here to help artists@fringe.co.nz

Now I know which venue I'd like, how do I go about applying for it?

You can refer to this handy list for venue contact information and submission deadlines. Make sure there is verbal and written confirmation between you and the venue before you register it on Eventotron. 

Can I BYO venue?

You sure can! That's the magic of Fringe. We just need some key information like the name of the venue and the address. You can give us all that stuff right here and then we'll make sure it appears online and in print!

You’ll need to familiarise yourself with our Venues info sheet. This contains some extra information regarding safe opening practices and what you’ll need to do to comply with government restrictions

I'm ready to register!

Awesome, love it. Shoot us an email via artists@fringe.co.nz and we can talk you through the next steps.

Are there funding opportunities for my event?

There are a few options out there for funding. They can include:

  • Crowd funding campaigns e.g. Boosted, Pledge Me
  • Busking or fundraising nights
  • CreativeNZ Grants
  • WCC Grants
  • Gaming trust charities
  • And more...

It's worth having a think about the fact that the pool of money for arts funding is getting smaller, (especially thanks to COVID-19!) while the number of amazing projects needing funding are growing. Do your research, check whether you're eligible before applying, make sure you have all the materials required to apply. If in doubt, come and chat to us, we've been through it all and know the ins and outs of funding applications.

But what are you doing to help artists whose finances have been affected by COVID-19?

We’re updating the priorities for our Kākano funding programme (pending confirmation) so we can make Fringe as accessible to you as possible. We’re also doing the following:

  • Digital-only events are eligible for a reduction in registration fees.
  • Registration fees will be payable in installments with a $50 deposit (+ $50 bond) payable on registration.
  • For digital only events, we’ll guarantee against loss by taking the rest of your registration fee out of ticket sales, rather than requiring upfront payments.
  • Registration fees will be refunded if a change in government restrictions means an in-person event cannot proceed, or an artist can choose to transfer their registration to an online event if they prefer.

Will you give me a letter of support for applications?

Probably! Just ask. Our Festival Director can give you letters of support or confirmation of participation.

I’m having trouble with my budget, can you help?

Sure! Contact the team, we’re happy to go through your production budget to help keep you on track.