Artist Development

Artist Development

Fringe is passionate about artists; without you, this whole festival couldn’t happen.
Fringe is an advocate for the arts and we want to see it grow. So we’ve worked hard
to bring you an artist development programme to best serve your needs.

We will be offering an array of forums to help you on your NZ Fringe journey and all the way into the future. Dates will be confirmed closer to the time, keep an eye on your Artist Update emails.

These are great resources and we highly recommend coming along. They’re a great way to learn more about independent producing, meeting industry pro’s and your Fringe artist community.

Kākano funding is a funding scheme run by NZ Fringe with a pool of grant money from Creative NZ (CNZ). Fringe applies to CNZ for funds to distribute through the scheme and models the delivery of the funding on CNZ processes to give artists an accurate experience of applying directly to CNZ but with a little more help along the way. An independent panel of artists and professionals across all genres scores the applications individually then come together to discuss results and decide and distribute funding. Fringe staff always remain impartial to the process but will note feedback where possible and pass it on to applicants if requested.

Ever wondered what we do for the other 48 weeks of the year when Fringe isn’t on? We’re making connections with other Fringe Festivals around Aotearoa and the world, telling them about how amazing all the acts at NZ Fringe are and convincing them to come to visit us.

We have reciprocal touring awards with Sydney Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, Adelaide Fringe and San Diego Fringe. Staff from venues in Edinburgh Fringe also come to NZ Fringe to scout for acts and NAFF National Association of Fringe Festivals, are in the throes of making a national touring circuit to each Fringe fest as accessible to as many Fringe artists as possible.

This year PANNZ (Performing Arts Network of New Zealand) is taking place in Wellington.
Promoters from across the world will be gathering in our fine city. We're working with the organisers to make a session available to Fringe artists.