Kākano Fund 2022

Kākano Fund 2022

Key Documents

Kākano 2022 Application form
Budget Template 
(Please download and save your own copy of this template to submit with your application)

Kākano budgetting and application writing workshop
5pm, Wed 27 October
The Atrium
17 Allen St
Te Aro


This fund was established in conjunction with CreativeNZ (a government crown entity governed by the Arts Council) to provide a foundation for the development of innovative new work by New Zealand artists participating in the NZ Fringe Festival Wellington.  

The Creative Capital Arts Trust run the New Zealand Fringe Festival and oversee the Kākano Funding evaluation process. We want to ensure that grants are allocated to as many applicants as possible but also at a level and value that will ensure real assistance is given to the project funded. 

For Fringe 2021 we received 60 applications and 58 of these projects were successfully granted Kākano funding to a total of $40,000. The average grant per show was $800. Seventeen projects received $1000 or higher. 

For Fringe 2022 projects the total amount of Kākano funding available is $40,000. The maximum applicants can apply for is $2500 per project. 

Kākano Funding is allocated to assist and enhance your project; it is not designed as a core fund and you are expected to find other sources of revenue for your project. 


22 Oct

applications open  

27 Oct


budgeting and application writing workshop  

5 Nov

applications close (5pm)

26 Nov


results of funding notified 

15 Dec

payments made if confirmation of grant uplift received 

17 Apr

combined Fringe and Kākano report due  


 In order to be eligible to apply for Kākano funding: 

Your event must be registered in NZ Fringe 2022 and have paid in full your registration fee and bond. 

You must be a permanent New Zealand resident or citizen of New Zealand (we may ask for proof of this). 

Your project or production must be a new work that is ​premiering at NZ Fringe 2022 - it can have been presented elsewhere previously, this much be its Wellington premiere.. 

You must not have received CreativeNZ funding for this aspect of the project. This includes​ Creative Communities funding from Council. In the event that you receive other CreativeNZ funding for this aspect of work, you must accept one or the other. You cannot ​accept both.​ 

 Your application must be received by the Fringe office no later than 5pm Friday 5th November 2021 


 Your Kākano 2022 application will be submitted using an  online form and must consist of the following: 

 The idea or kaupapa (500 words max). Describe exactly what the project is. 

The process for the development of the work. 

The people involved in the project – a summary of their role on the project and their past experience. 

A description of how the work challenges those involved and is original, innovative or experimental. 

A marketing and publicity plan, including identification of the type of audience you hope to attract, and your plan for promoting your event to this audience. 

Budget, including proposed expenditure, and expected income. Please note – it is OK to include fees for those involved in the production.

The most important thing is to be sure that your budget shows a deficit to the level of the Kākano funding request so the funding you’re requesting makes up the shortfall to create a zero balance.

A budget template is included in the artist resources on the Fringe.co.nz website and you are encouraged to contact the Fringe team for advice or feedback on your budget and application. 

Funding priorities for Kākano for Fringe 2022 include but are not limited to: 

Travel costs if you are coming from outside the Wellington Region (at least 140km north of Wellington or anywhere in the South Island). 

Set up costs for work in non-established or ‘found’ spaces (this recognises the extra costs associated with technical needs and promotion). 

○ Accessibility - e.g. funding towards working with an interpreter, making space physically accessible, or making it possible for your production to put on a relaxed performance. 

If you’re unsure if your project meets the criteria for funding contact the Fringe team for advice or feedback. 


A panel of independent industry representatives will meet to assess all eligible applications after the application closing date of 29th October. All applicants (whether successful or not) will be notified of the outcome of their application by 19th November. If you are successful in obtaining a grant and respond by the required deadline stated in your funding offer, funding will be distributed to you before Christmas. If we have not received your agreement to the conditions of the grant by the initial requested December deadline, your funding will be distributed in late January 2022. The cut off for acceptance is 14th January 2020. 


Complete this form to submit your application. Please make sure to use this budget template as part of your application.


Of course, you can! The NZ Fringe team is here to help and are always (within business hours) available to give you advice and feedback about your application (before the submission date), answer questions about your application, and help you with your budget.

We recommend you submit your budget for review as this is often the part that disqualifies otherwise excellent applications.

Call the Fringe team for advice on (04) 2124725 or email artists@fringe.co.nz​. 



Keep it succinct and to the point. The panel will have just one week to read and assess all the applications.  

Make sure you include facts about your show - what is it? If it’s two women up a tree reading different Fay Weldon novels simultaneously out-loud, then say that in your application. The panel needs to know what you’re doing and why you need funding, don’t just copy and paste your programme blurb or media release. 

When you’re budgeting for your show, you need to show the need for funding, you want your budget to balance with Kākano funding. If you show a profit without Kākano you’re effectively showing you don’t need funding. If you show a massive deficit with Kākano you’re showing a budget that is unsustainable.  

Yes, you can pay people in your budget. No one wants anyone to work for free or come out of Fringe bankrupt! But be realistic about what you can afford to pay people too. Don’t overinflate fees to the company to get more money out of Kākano, the panel are too smart to let that slip by! 

The Kākano funding scheme is closely modelled on the CreativeNZ process for funding so use this as a training ground for your future applications. This can be a great opportunity to consolidate what it is you’re doing with your work and projects.  

If you are unsure of any aspect of your application contact artists@fringe.co.nz​ for advice. Historically applicants that have requested advice or received feedback on their applications have been more successful in their outcomes. We’re here to help!