Ticketing and FOH

Ticketing and FOH


NZ Fringe runs ticketing for the festival using Red61 ticketing, which is specifically designed for festivals and events.  Unless you have a contractual obligation for your venue (BATS or Circa) your event will be loaded in the Fringe ticketing system as part of your registration and according to the information provided in your registration.

All events will be available for purchase directly through fringe.co.nz and are not to be sold on any other ticketing platforms (with the exception of BATS and Circa events).

What this means for you - audiences will be able to pre-book, this is especially good for events that have limited capacity available and can be a great hook into your marketing strategy. You (or your designated FOH person) will have access to a door list of people who have pre-booked. You can set this up from the Artists Login page at fringe.co.nz


All Fringe ticketed shows are subject to a compulsory $1.50 inside fee for tickets $10 & under and $2.50 for tickets $10.01 & over. This is a non-negotiable administrative and hosting fee. It is processed as a fee that comes off your tickets before the payout is made.

Payout will be made 14 days after your last performance to the bank account provided at time of registration. If the festival is affected by an alert level change, this may take longer to allow for processing time of refunds. Please check with your venue to see what their reconciliation policy is.

Please note that international bank accounts will be subject to additional bank charges that are beyond our control and set by the banks.

There are no booking fees to audiences, however all online bookings will be subject to a credit card processing fee of 6% per transaction.

When we launch the programme and go live with ticket sales on 16 December, we will be selling tickets to Red level capacities (maximum 100 people with 1m social distancing in place).

In January we will reassess the situation with the plan to be able to release the extra tickets to sell at Orange/Green capacity.  For any events that sell out under the Red capacity our Box Office will gather a wait list.

Vaccine Certificates are likely to be in use in NZ from November meaning these will be required for all participants to attend NZ Fringe. We will be updating what this means for your event as the government releases more information about this.


NZ Fringe Box Office will be open 7 days a week throughout the festival. This in-person Box Office is situated on-site at our office frontage located at 17 Allen St open from 11am-6pm Tues - Sat and 11am - 4pm Sun and Mon.

You are always welcome to come and see us, to have a chat, check on your ticket sales, ask us any questions you might have. You are also welcome to leave bags with us if you are going out to do flyering or promo and don’t want to carry them with you.

The HQ will be available for participant services and general information and will also operate as a public box office everyday during Fringe 11am to 6pm. The public will be able to purchase physical tickets to all Fringe ticketed events from here as well as Fringe merchandise, such as Addict Cards, t-shirts etc


Pop up Box Office
This year we will also have a Pop Up Box Office at The Performance Arcade 19, 20, 26, 27 February open 11am-4pm. Come on down to see us, have a chat and do some promo for your show/s.


We will give you access to your box office sales data. You can track sales and see who’s coming, prepare for big sold-out nights or check if you need to hit the streets flying to drum up some more sales. You will not be able to make changes to ticket prices or date information or add specials like two for one night using this system, to do this you will need to contact the team via artists@fringe.co.nz.

Online bookings for your production will automatically close 90 mins before your session starts. At this time, you will automatically be sent a sales sheet for the night. You can choose what address and how many addresses you want this sent to, e.g your front of house manager’s email, your producer’s email and your publicist's email or just yours. Your front of house manager can then print this out and cross people off when they arrive and you will have an accurate record of who came to your show, your house size etc. 

This is very important to achieve not just for reporting but for front of house health and safety management.


It is very important to check ID for people who have purchased any kind of concession tickets e.g. Fringe Addict, Senior, Student, or Child. Unfortunately, it is common for people to try and cheat the system. This is money from your pocket, so you want to make sure they are being honest.

Fringe will be selling Addict Cards again this year. Addict cards are $20 and entitle holders to discounted entry to shows and drinks specials at venues (Fringe benefits). Most people who purchase an Addict Card attend a minimum of three shows - it’s a great scheme to make audiences really feel like they’re part of the Fringe community and it encourages them to go and see more and engage with more Fringe! As part of T&Cs of registration, productions are required to make an Addict Card price available to their productions at a discount of 20% off full-price tickets.


As per T&Cs of registration, NZ Fringe takes a certain amount of holds for every performance. We don’t use these tickets frivolously, they are specifically for us to book sponsors, other festival directors and promoters and contacts, Fringe award judges, and lastly Fringe staff and volunteers, to see your production. We work very hard to ensure that a minimum of two Fringe judges see every eligible production in the festival. We’ve changed up the way the holds allocation works for 2022 and reduced as much as we can to ensure you have every opportunity to sell plenty of tickets! If we go over the allocation we will pay for any additional tickets to ensure you, the artist, don't lose out. Fringe are not unreasonable, if your total capacity is only 4 we don’t expect you to give us all your tickets!  These are all put aside by us through Red61 and released on the day of the show if we haven’t used them.


Venue capacity

Fringe hold per performance









You can book as many complimentary tickets as you'd like to your performances, at no cost, through your Red61 login. Think about each comp carefully, use these for people who really deserve a comp ticket e.g. media, someone who supported the production, gave something in kind. Encourage your friends to book tickets rather than give everyone you know a comp.


Over the last couple of years we've noticed that many shows who are really wanting reviews weren't being picked up by the limited reviewing organisations, who often are selecting shows at random to review. We'll be sending out "how to get reviewers attention" guides, along with media contact lists. If you're really keen for a review get in early to secure them!

We all know how expensive and exhausting it is to create a Fringe show and one way to make it easier on each other is to provide cheap tickets to your production to your fellow Fringe artists and volunteers. For 2022 we are offering FREE Fringe Artist Standby to all shows for participants with a valid 2022 Fringe Artist Card. This card is proof of participation in NZ Fringe 2022 and needs to be presented to gain entry.


Yes, please!  You are absolutely encouraged to make door sales available in addition to your online tickets. Having your sales sheet emailed to you will make it possible for you to know how many door sales you have available for that night's performance. 

Door sales are not subject to inside fees meaning all the money from these goes directly to you. But don’t forget you will need to keep track of exactly how many tickets were sold, this is super important for your final report to Fringe!