Parklet Pop-up Stages!

Parklet Pop-up Stages!

Temporary Pop-up stages are coming to town as part of Wellington Council Initiative; Innovating Streets, and you can perform on them!

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Parklet Pop-up Stages! Paid opportunity! 

Temporary Pop-up stages are coming to town as part of Wellington City Council Initiative; Innovating Streets; and you can perform on them!

Wellington City’s Innovating Streets gives communities the chance to change a street or space in their neighborhood to make it safe and nice for people.   It’s temporary and low cost, with the aim of bringing fresh vibrancy and value to businesses and community. We work together, and test as we go. 

The Fringe have set up a Parklet stage  outside our Allen St abode, and so have the stunning team at Bicycle Junction, and they’ll soon be ready for pop-up performances, workshops, activities and anything else you can think of! 

The goal of this project is to see how we can create more vibrant, people-friendly spaces in our neighborhoods and Fringe is getting involved.


What can I do?

30min peak-hour paid gigs
Kicking off from next week, we will have 30min spots up for grabs. An early morning, a lunchtime and an after-work, on various days.  You can play a solo music set, bring a group and do a mini-stand-up-set, host a yoga workshop,  do 30mins of live drawing, anything! We’re open to ideas! We’ll pay a fee to help cover your time and we'll promote the gig online so you can do some sweet audience building!

These gigs are programmed by Fringe and we’ll be working to make sure we spread the stage love as much as we can.


Open Pitch

Have another idea? Keen to drum up an audience and do a 5min mini-set? Want to do an afternoon take-over and sell your artistic wares? You can! These stages are a flexible space which you can use to help activate our city streets and help promote your show.

These are open access and will be available to book starting Wednesday 17 Feb. There will be a paid contribution for your time,  amount dependent on the project, and discussed when booking.


How do I get involved?

Keen to get involved? Fill in this form and we’ll be in touch! While we're giving special preference to Fringe artists, this is available for anyone so if you have a friend with a local business, send them the form link!

More info on the full Innovating Streets project is available here.

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