Ticketing & Comps

Ticketing & Comps

NZ Fringe runs ticketing for the festival using Red61 ticketing, which is specifically designed for Fringe festivals. Your event will be loaded into our ticketing system according to the information you provided in your registration.

Checking Ticket Sales

You will be emailed your login details for Red61 before tickets go on sale. To check your sales and to book comps you can do so by logging in on the NZ Fringe Website. If you want to change ticket prices or offer Rush Tix deals, contact operations@fringe.co.nz

Inside Ticketing Fees

Fringe inside ticket fees are $2.50 per ticket $10.01 and over and $1.50 per ticket $10 and under. This means that if your ticket price is listed as $20, you take home $17.50 per ticket; if your ticket price is listed as $10, you take home $8.50 per ticket. There is no additional booking fee for audiences. There is a credit card processing fee of $2 per transaction.

Fringe Addict Memberships

Audience members can buy Addict Membership for $20 per person. Addict Memberships entitle holders 20% off on all shows within this year’s festival (limit 1 per performance). All Fringe shows have an Addict Membership price, as a requirement of our T&Cs.

FOH & Door Sales

Online bookings are open until 30 minutes before the show starts. At this time you will automatically be sent a sales sheet for that performance - you can choose what email address(es) you want this sent to. This will tell you how many tickets you have left to sell.

You must make your own arrangements to sell tickets at the door (unless otherwise arranged with NZ Fringe or your venue); check with your venue on how they'd like to do this. NZ Fringe does not take inside fees from door sales, i.e. you keep 100% of door sales. You'll need to provide your own front-of-house person (unless arranged by NZ Fringe or your venue) to sell the tickets, as well as your own float, and reconciliation sheet. Make sure you keep track of door sales, as these need to be included in your final report!

If your venue is not providing a FOH manager, you will need to provide your own, to greet audiences, sell and take tickets, answer questions, and let the stage manager or tech know when everyone is in and the show can start. Make sure you've thought of the following:

  • Is your venue easy to find with the advertising you have in place? Do you need more directions or signage?
  • What arrangements are in place for patrons with accessibility requirements? Does the FOH manager know how to operate any lifts, etc and to give directions to accessible routes and washrooms?
  • What will the audience's first impression of the venue be?
  • Where can the audience wait for the show to start (lobby/foyer)?
  • Who is responsible for opening the house? What will their cue be? How do they round up the audience?
  • Are there staff members or volunteers in place to collect tickets? At what stage will the tickets be gathered, counted, and filed?
  • Once the audience is seated, what cue will be used to lower the house lights and start the show?
  • If your show has an interval, what arrangements have you made to ensure your audience is seated again when the second half starts?
  • Once the show has finished, how efficiently will you be able to clear the audience, close the house, and get the space ready for the next show?
  • Will you hand out promotional materials for your future performances or other Fringe shows to the audience as they leave?

Complimentary Tickets

Fringe households - As per T&Cs of registration, NZ Fringe requires 10% of the house for your first two performances, and four tickets every night thereafter (fewer for small venues), i.e. if your house capacity is 80, we require 8 tickets for each of the first two performances and 4 tickets for later performances. These tickets are used specifically for Fringe judges, festival directors and promoters, sponsors, and staff to see your production. These are put aside by us in Red61 and are released prior to the show if we haven't used them.

Artist comp holds - You can book as many complimentary tickets as you'd like to your performances, at no cost, through your Red61 login. We hold 4 tickets per performance (fewer for small venues) for you to use as comps; any unused comps are released the morning of the performance.

Reviewers - Over the last couple of years we've noticed that many shows who are really wanting reviews weren't being picked up by the limited reviewing organisations, who often are selecting shows at random to review. We'll be sending out "how to get reviewers' attention" guides, along with media contact lists via email. If you're really keen for a review get in early to secure them!

Fellow artists & volunteers - We run stand-by queues for artists and volunteers. Show your artist pass at the venue, and if the show is not sold out, you'll be admitted for free. If you want to guarantee that a particular artist can get into your show, we suggest booking them a comp ticket ahead of time.