Artist Workshops

Artist Workshops

A whole stack of industry development workshops, just for YOU

Here are the workshops being held for Fringe artists coming up!
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All workshops will be held at

NZ Fringe Office
17 Allen St, Te Aro

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Marketing 2 – PR & Connecting with the Media
6-7pm, Tues 26 Jan
Keen to get your name in the paper? In that online magazine? The Fringe marketing team return to cover everything public relations. Media releases, editorials, advertising, oh my!


Event Accessibility
6-7pm, Mon 1 Feb
We’ll take a look at the ways Fringe events can be more accessible, specifically to people living with disability. There is always more you can do, even small things, to make your event easier to navigate or enjoy. Come find out some new ways you can connect to these potential audiences.

6-8pm, Intimacy Direction
Mon 8 Feb
The team at Intimacy Poneke (Lori Leigh, Robbie Taylor Hunt, and Carrie Thiel) are coming in to provide insight into Intimacy Direction, focusing particularly at the rehearsal room and on stage.

Making sure your team and audience are safe and feel comfortable is imperative so if you’re looking to have intimate contact (intense kissing, nudity, audience interaction) in your event, or events in years to come, this is a gold-mine of info for you.


Tax, Invoicing & Valuing your work
6-7pm, Thurs 11 Feb
Hosted by Festival Director, Sasha Tilly, and the stunning team from HNRY, we go over all things money. A big part independent producing is making sure your finances are in order and knowing the basics of quoting, invoicing, taxes and models of charging for your time is invaluable in making sure you can keep on trucking with your art making.


Working bee!
12-4pm, Sat 13 Feb & 6-9pm, Wed 17 Feb
It’s time for a team working bee! Bring in your laptops and keep-cups and work with your fellow Fringe producers, with sweet tunes and snacks on us. This is a great chance to meet your community and share knowledge. The Fringe team will be about to answer your questions and keep motivation up *high kick*


Theatre Operations & Design
6-7pm, Mon 15 Feb
Stage lighting, sound and set considerations are a massive part of developing any event but they can seem damn right daunting (and expensive). With a team of industry pros for guests, we’ll take a look at the basics of event operations and design and how you can engage with it comfortably and safely.


Making the most of your Fringe / Healthy Fringe living
6-7pm, Mon 22 Feb
Festivals are exciting, fun and exhilarating but with that comes the potential of fatigue, burn-out and ripper hangovers. We’ll take a look at ways you can live a Healthy Fringe life so you can make the most of your time, look after your body and mind and each other.