How to Donate

Give us your money.

Although Fringe is one of the largest, if not largest arts festival in NZ, it has one of the smallest budgets. Run on core funding from our local city council and generous grants from gaming trusts, Creative NZ, and sponsorship from a handful of wonderful local businesses and institutions, Fringe needs MONEY! We'd love it if we could have a little of yours..

So make a donation to the festival that makes a difference, the festival that's been the launch pad for talent such as Taika Waititi and Flight of the Conchords, Footnote Dance, Trick of the Light and some offensive nipples. Fringe has been a place for nearly all the faces on Shortland St to earn their chops, we've had mime's that have gone on to steal our hearts as extreme rugby fans, puppeteers that have gone on to train with the Muppets, some of our finest directors have shaped works in Fringe and gone to teach at our finest universities, prop makers have gone from building giant phallis' at BATS to work on award winning films in Hollywood and beyond, costumiers have pinned up pants back stage for musical romps before heading to stitch in ballerinas. The Fringe alumni is huge and important, just as important as every donation that makes the festival possible.

Fringe is run by Creative Capital Arts Trust, a charitable trust. All donations are tax deductible.

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