Become a Fringe Addict

Become a Fringe Addict

You can become an NZ Fringe Addict and get Fringe benefits for just $15! A Fringe Addict Card is your personal subscription to savings - with this mighty little beast you get just about 30% off ALL your Fringe tickets.

ADDICT CARDS are the gateway to Fringe.

Buy your personal ADDICT CARD for just $15 and save nearly 30% on all your Fringe tickets.

Tickets become an average of $13.50 each for you with this mighty little card. So if you’re planning on getting in multiple events, this is for you. You’ll also get special deals during Fringe including bar discounts at some venues and heads up on special performances. Fringe Addict prices are listed in the programme as ‘FA’.

Addict Card holders can purchase one ticket per performance at the Addict Card rate.

Get your card online now!