Just for Funny

Just for Funny

Matt Harvey

This event is koha. You can reserve a ticket for $5, and/or koha directly at the door.

Matt has watched thousands of hours of comedy all so he can present you a slew of the best mystery guests you haven't yet heard of. Take the guesswork out of seeing new shows.

The Just For Funny showcase, the finest live comedy-showcase-podcast you'll watch this Festival. Take a chance on us and maybe win some free tickets to other shows. 

Comedians perform comedy and answer quiz questions about the stupidest recent news items. 

Previous shows have included award winners, international comedians, RAW Comedy winners, five-star comedians, comedy writers and even a comedian or two who have done some impressive TV spots (QI, Comedy Central, BBC, Mad as Hell, Good Az Friday and Comedy Up Late, Tonightly).


Comedy Other A Whole Lot of International Free 18+

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