Kate Spencer

Kate made a discovery. She wrote a poem about it. She writes lots of poems about sex, sexuality, the body, and bodily functions. She's filthy, flirty, and funny; saucy, seductive, and sensual; raunchy, ridiculous and ravishing. You won't believe what comes out of her lips.  

Kate Spencer is co-producer of Poetry in Motion and the Wellington Feminist Poetry Club; a national slam finalist; typewriter poet for hire; promoter and alumni of Naked Girls Reading; a project manager and article writer; a church-going, fully fledged, committed Christian; a dichotomy. She has done many things with her life and will do many more. She's the queer queen of quim - join her for a night of naughtiness (no nudity - unless you ask nicely)!

Spoken Word/Storytelling Comedy Naughty Bits Free 18+

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