The Universe Is Pretty Big and I'm Afraid of Sex

The Universe Is Pretty Big and I'm Afraid of Sex

Pretty Big Company

The Universe is pretty big... and it’s all pretty scary if you think about it… even if you don’t think about it, it’s still pretty scary… How do you navigate connection? How do you even begin to try and find out what it all means? What does Space have to do with any of this!?

‘The Universe is Pretty Big and I’m Afraid of Sex’ is existential thoughts, it’s like a warm blanket you share with friends watching the sunrise and maybe you’re all a little high, it’s love and it’s stuff just shy of that. It’s the feeling of floating outside of your body looking at yourself asking... why are you doing thaaat!?

In this intimate, conversational, confessional comedy (littered with beat poetry, dance-comedy, music, honest tales and an irresistible relationship between two friends) you’ll journey through experiences of delight, reminisce in the awkward, and dive into the vastness of wonderment, emotion and Space.


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