Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Kamp That Way Collective

Did you know there used to be secret Lesbian Summer Camps in the 1970s and 80s? Younger generations don't even know they existed, they happened and ended almost without a trace. A group of young Queer people set out to preserve stories and connect with their LGBTQ+ elders in an exciting new documentary.


It was a time of secrecy, where being "outed" could risk you losing your accomodation, your job, your children or see you ostracised from your friends and family. There was no space simply to be and exist as you were without violence, prejudice and hatred. To counter this discrimination and provide a safe space for women, the Summer Camps were started by a small collective of Lesbians. They were many things, a place of friendship, activism, solidarity or a place to find a lover. As the women of the camps grow older, they still remain among the fondest memories of their lives.


Sadly, we stand to lose them.


New generations of LGBTQ+ people are unaware the camps ever existed. Why is there a dissonance or space between generations of LGBTQ+ people? Why do we seldom seek out the advice and stories of our elders? What is the difference between us? What do we have in common?


A group of young Queer people set out to meet with and document the stories of older Lesbians who attended the Summer Camps and in doing so, we hope to understand more about our community and collective stories. In 2019 we will hold our own Queer summer camp and attempt to reinvent the same sense of solidarity, friendship and beauty of the original camps.

Spoken Word/Storytelling LGBTQIA+ Other Performance Parts Free 13+

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