Missing Lids

Missing Lids


Missing Lids debuted in 2018 at the Basement Theatre in Auckland. With great success, Discotheque offers a second season to Wellington.

The dance/theatre work projects the highly physcial nature of trained professional dancers, all graduates of the New Zealand School of Dance.

Holly's (the choreographer) work explores the facade we endure on a daily basis and what it takes to be the 'ultimate human' in this day and age. She works with logic and dictionary definitions to find material which is dissected into unpredictable movement pathways and usually lends for a lighthearted show.

Female dancers will describe what it is to be 'Missing your Lid' in todays fast paced world. A subtle play with passing moments like, Tupperware commercials and makeup advertisements. You will see the funny and the fake through highly skilled contemporary dance.

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