Umbrella Man

Umbrella Man

Teuchter Company

"In an exciting, last-minute exclusive, Fringe at the Gryphon and Teuchter Company are delighted to present a one-off performance of Umbrella Man, the tragicomic story of a young Scottish man who tries to prove that the Earth is flat.

Written and performed by poet, performer and pianist for Men with Coconuts Colin Bramwell, Umbrella Man has played to packed houses at Prague and Edinburgh Fringes, and comes to the New Zealand Fringe fresh from a critically-acclaimed run in Adelaide.

Using poetry, storytelling and improvised piano to take audiences on a journey to the outer limits of common sense, Umbrella Man is a daft, dreamy, unmissable piece of Scottish spoken-word theatre from one of the country's most exciting young talents.

Watch a trailer for the show here:

★★★★★ 'A beautiful amalgamation of story-telling, poetry, drama, comedy and music. A monumental triumph.' (Broadwaybaby.)

★★★★1/2 'This show in three words: bittersweet, haunting, tour-de-force.' (Channel 44)

★★★★ 'Umbrella Man draws you in like a conversation and wraps you up like a warm blanket. The performance is rich and memorable, but it’s the layered storytelling that leaves a lasting impression.' (Fest Magazine)

★★★★ 'The entirety of the show seems to be written entirely in verse and so well-rehearsed that not a singular syllable sounds out of place. Umbrella Man is a crisp performance of a multi-faceted and layered character; well executed and well worth your time.' (Collage Adelaide)

★★★★ 'A goofily funny, tender show. Bramwell is a delightful raconteur with a beautiful voice for delivering the spoken word.' (Kryzstoff)

'A unique amalgamation of music, comedy and poetry that gets the audience thinking.' (The Advertiser)"

Theatre Spoken Word/Storytelling Comedy A Whole Lot of International Free 13+

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