CANCELLED The Essential Tomás Ford

CANCELLED The Essential Tomás Ford

Normal Place

For one night only, late night party idiot Tomás Ford (Crap Music Rave Party, Craptacular, Chase!) stops by to croon the greatest hits from his eighteen year career of not having any. Strap in for an unforgettable rush of synth-laden beats, homemade costumes, twisted video projections and punk cabaret showmanship.

From a start in the house parties and dirty pubs of Australia, Tomás has been on tour pretty much non-stop since he started. In the process, he’s found himself:

• part of the furniture at the Edinburgh Fringe,
• the only electronic act punk kids let themselves like,
• a fixture for a decade on the Big Day Out’s Lilypad,
• an accidental comedy DJ sensation,
• a bona-fide viral smash (in Malaysia),
• the synthpop king of desert Australia,
• practically boo-ed out of Prague,
• a surprise hit with the performance poetry scene,
• banned from half the venues in Queenstown,
• toast of the London cabaret scene and eventually
• an institution back in his remote hometown of Perth.

He loves playing in Wellington and Fringe NZ, so he’s put together something extra special for what promises to be a bizarre and memorable, one-of-a-kind late night party.

Tickets are strictly limited. 

Music Cabaret Comedy Naughty Bits Free 18+

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