Tomás Ford's Normal Place.

Tomás Ford's Normal Place.

Normal Place

Nothing unusual is happening. It's just your hyperactive cabaret friend, Tomás Ford (Crap Music Rave Party, Chase!, Craptacular) inviting you to visit him in Normal Place. He's curated a fine selection of cabaret, comedy and whatever other perfectly normal things he can find. It will be a very normal night where you will almost certainly not see unusual and exciting acts that you wouldn't see anywhere else, including a few that we are keeping to ourselves for a while. 

Unless you ask us. In which case we will probably just tell you.


In addition to being a very fine (and not at all strange) evening of performance, this doubles as the New Zealand launch of the record label of the same title. After a launch at home in Western Australia, the only sensible thing to do is to bring it to where he wishes he lived; Wellington. 

The label has already started releasing a slow trickle of music and video from cult legends and fringe iconoclasts; you can find this at . This slow trickle will be building signficantly in speed and variety through 2019.

In any case; come join us for this night of good behaviour and respectable entertainment. No cops.

Music Cabaret Comedy Naughty Bits 18+

Show Schedule

  1. Duration 60 minutes


    -, Wellington

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