It's Mackenzie Country...Obviously!

It's Mackenzie Country...Obviously!

The PlaySpace Theatre Co.

Mackenzie Mckenzie is like, totez, the cutest girl EVER. TBH the fact that you are even asking who she is, is like, kind of embarrassing. But don't make this about you - This is Mackenzie's Show.

Join The PlaySpace Theatre Co. in exploring Mackenzie Mckenzie's glamourous life - This larger than life character is created & performed by comedian Jess Jean and has gained rave reviews:

'Hilarious & Empowering'

'I loved it.'

'Paying homage to the basic b*tch, with style, class and so much uncensored hilarity.' 

Best Emerging Artist (nominated) - Palmy Fringe 2018

Music Theatre Comedy Naughty Bits Free 18+

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