Massive Crushes

Massive Crushes

My Accomplice & A Mulled Whine

Please Note: NZ Fringe tickets are no longer available for this show. To purchase tickets online go to BATS Theatre or call (04) 802 4175

A date so bad it can only end in death. Psychic powers really ruining your day. Foodcourts drive you mad. A woman is on hold with the patriarchy.

Massive Crushes is a morbid mixtape of murderous monologues about sex, death and everything in between. A new play from the renowned creative depressive behind Tiny Deaths, Me and My Sister Tell Each Other Everything, My Fat/Sad and WATCH. Starring a cast of Wellington's most brilliant wahine toa.


* Best New NZ Play nominee (Everything is Surrounded by Water - Wellington Theatre Awards, 2014)

* Best Solo (Everything is Surrounded by Water - NZ Fringe, 2014)

* Best Theatre (A Play About Space - Dunedin Fringe, 2013)

* Best Design (A Play About Space - NZ Fringe, 2013)

* Best Newcomer Playwright nominee (Uther Dean - Wellington Theatre Awards, 2013)

* Most Promising Emerging Artist (A Mulled Whine - NZ Fringe, 2018)

* Most Promising Newcomer (Eleanor Strathern, A Mulled Whine - Wellington Theatre Awards, 2018)


NZ Fringe tickets are no longer available for this show, to get tickets visit BATS Theatre

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