The War Prayer Concert

The War Prayer Concert

Peace Co-Op

The War Prayer Concert

A performance of Mark Twain’s War Prayer poem by Mark Raffills in concert with Phill Simmonds, Lisa Williams, Leigh Strange and Andy Dolling. Projections by Phill Simmonds and direction by Ronnie Short.

The War Prayer was written by Mark Twain in objection to the idea of imperialism – using military force to gain influence over others – and in opposition to the Philippine-American War of 1899 -1902.

At the time of writing, The War Prayer was considered controversial and sacrilegious and Twain’s publisher thought it “not suited for the public to read.”

As well as Raffills’ performance of the War Prayer poem, the concert also features a liberation theatre piece, some original songs and classic peace/anti war anthems, including Bob Dylan’s With God On Our Side, Buffy Saint Marie’s Universal Soldier, Graham Nash’s Military Madness and John Lennon’s Imagine.


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