2 Dope Teenz Get Summer Jobs and Solve a Murder

2 Dope Teenz Get Summer Jobs and Solve a Murder

2 Dope Teenz

"Alayne and Aaron’s friendship is lovely to watch...give these performers kudos for baring it all." -Madelaine Empson, Regional News

Ur fav pals, 2 Dope Teenz (Best Improvised Show, Nelson Fringe Festival 2018), have discovered that comedy is not a ruckus source of pocket money! (lame). So, they've got themselves summer jobs at Wellington's dope food festival, Cream of the Capital. BUT WHAT IF IT'S MURDER THAT'S ON THE MENU (omg) (for real yo).

2 DOPE TEENZ GET SUMMER JOBS AND SOLVE A MURDER is a podcast series made by the award-winning duo 2 Dope Teenz (Aaron Pyke and Alayne Dick). They've solved all your problems, now it's time for them to SOLVE CRIME. Join us on a RUCKUS AS adventure as we dive into the underbelly of Wellington cuisine. 

This is 2 Dope Teenz's first venture into a scripted narrative, but you can check out our past podcast yarns here:


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