The End of Politics

The End of Politics

Bob Bell

Previously performed in Edinburgh, Prague and NYC, The End of Politics intertwines the current political situation in the US with my personal experiences. I try to emphasis the de-evolution of our political dialogue, how things got to this point, its effect on our everyday lives, all keeping it brutally funny.


A PRAGUE PULSE REVIEW: The Best Medicine: A review of Bob Bell’s The End of Politics

Bob Bell looks like a haggard Founding Father who’s obsessed with the Kennedy assassination footage (his description, not mine). Yet, there’s something vital in this image—something almost noble. Ultimately, The End of Politics explores a concern for the condition of the United States in general. Bell astutely delivers insights into the fears and dissatisfaction felt by citizens and outliers alike towards the American political system. Bell approaches it from a personal perspective—his own obsessive angle. The comedy is sincere, cathartic, and ultimately unifying.

Deepan Ghimiray


Theatre Review: ‘The End of Politics’ at 59E59 Theater B

I think Bell perfectly captured the concept that the “personal is political.” He laid his life, opinions, challenges, and viewpoints before us so we could witness the way he navigates his “American-ness.” It feels like he has set up a comfortable chair outside his apartment and is watching the world go by, witnessing its fallout and its absurdity. It creates a sense of melancholy in Bell, who struggles to understand the madness and chaos he sees playing out around him – but it’s funny for us. He chooses not to engage in the political process, but his abstaining is a political choice anyway. I enjoyed his self-questioning and self-effacing script. I didn’t feel he was trying to drum roll punchlines or deliver witty political patter – he just relayed what

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