Muscle Mouth

In a futuristic landscape of isolated rooms and transfer pods, two humans meet. Performed by Ross McCormack and Luke Hanna, System takes place in a room given life and power through a rich collaboration of precision-led choreography, intelligent lighting, and a highly detailed sonic and audio-visual landscape.

"...[like] a live episode of Black Mirror, sprinkled with a hint of psychedelic warmth and wry humour", audience member, Auckland, October 2018

System is created by Muscle Mouth, one of New Zealand’s leading next generation dance companies. The company has recently toured to South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. Commentators consistently note the company’s fresh, visionary performances and how the company powerfully integrates all aspects of performance design into their work.


Director and Set Designer: Ross McCormack

Performers: Ross McCormack, Luke Hanna

Choreography created by: Ross McCormack and Luke Hanna, with devising support by Jeremy Beck

Sound and A.V. Designer and Operator: Jason Wright

Light Designer and Operator: Natasha James

Dramaturgy: Melanie Hamilton

Production Manager: Natasha James

Producer: Melanie Hamilton



Dance Performance Parts Free No Restrictions

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