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This is the true story of Carl Hans Lody, a WW1 German Spy who ended up being executed in
the Tower of London in December 1914.  The piece tells of his life and career in Germany,
America and Europe, the mistakes that lead him into being a really quite awful spy and his
downfall.  He was universally liked, especially by his captors, and he is still remembered
fondly by the German people, naturally enough, and, more surprisingly, by the British.  They
were awfully fond of him, right up to and beyond the point where they shot him.
This new play, from award-winning writer, Mark Langham has 46 characters, played by 5
actors, and it based on a true story.  A tragedy told with humour and affection, this all
happened, although not necessarily in the manner portrayed.  The extraordinary tale of a
very ordinary spy.
Mark Langham is a winner of Australia’s National One Act Playwriting competition and twice
winner of the prestigious Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers Playwriting competition. In a
professional career nearing the 40 year mark, he has worked as an actor in UK, Europe and
Australia and has had his plays performed regularly over the past decade.

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