No Laughing Matter

No Laughing Matter

Greg Baker - Comedian

“Greg is a hilarious comedian, renowned for his warm, cheerful, feel-good brand of comedy. People are constantly talking about how very funny, enlightening, and uplifting his work is; and he didn’t make them say that at all! They said it themselves, and it was their idea! They wanted to say it and they promise they will say it again whenever anybody asks!! Greg is very compassionate and approachable: small children have never fled from his presence wailing in distress!!. Come to his stupendous comedy show “No Laughing Matter” at Leroy’s Bar, 2 Plimmers Steps at 7:30pm, every night from Wednesday the 20th right up until Saturday the 23rd! And in the middle of it, you will absolutely not find yourself desperately looking for the exit, wishing you had spent the evening alone, without friends, watching reruns; anything, anything to get away from this horrifying spectacle – my God, will it Never end!!!???? That won’t happen at all!!!”

Theatre Spoken Word/Storytelling Comedy A Whole Lot of International Free 18+

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