Classical Sessions

Classical Sessions

Chamber Music New Zealand

Love good music, beer and pizza? 

If so, join us for this special Fringe Festival edition of Classical Sessions and allow yourself to drift away to seriously good music from some of New Zealand's best musicians.

The saxophone is not always about John Coltrane, Bill Clinton or Kenny G – this instrument has been shunned by classical music snobs the world over. Which is a shame, because no other wind instrument can achieve such smooth sounds, quiet subtleties, or is as much of a chameleon. Saxcess, New Zealand’s best saxophone quartet offers you the saxophone, times 4 – from classical to tango to jazz, this immensely talented quartet will show you just how much you will love this instrument.

Douglas Mews is a harpsichord legend. What does this mean? It means you are in for an evening of extraordinary music from the king of baroque instruments. Older than the piano, mechanically plucked, does it sound like a spider spinning a web? Does it sound like the rattle of the utensil drawer? Whatever it is, it’s beautiful – and Bach, Couperin, the Beatles, Left Banke and Eminem - and Douglas Mews - think so too.



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  1. Duration 60 minutes

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    The Third Eye, 30 Arthur St, Te Aro

    Non-Ticketed Event

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