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Tatjana T

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Ever put off finishing that important final essay, only to stay up till 3am the night before it’s due? Maybe cleaned your entire house just to avoid ringing your mum? Or even sat watching countless facebook videos while sitting on the toilet, because you can’t be bothered getting up??

Upon realising she’s procrastinated writing her show right up until opening night, Tatjana T sets out to create a one-woman cabaret entirely off the cuff.

A recent graduate of NASDA, Tatjana uses a variety of skills and talents to entertain and involve her audience in a uniquely down-to-earth, ‘musical meets stand up’ production full of singing, comedy and awkward arm flailing.

Join her on a journey of trials and tribulations as she faces inner demons, self-doubt, crippling disorganisation and just the right amount of Buzzfeed quizzes (all the key ingredients for a hilarious cabaret!)

Will she succeed in pulling off a solo show? Your guess is as good as hers!

Music Cabaret Comedy Performance Parts 13+ Accessible

Show Schedule

  1. Duration 60 minutes

    Price General Admission $20.00 Concession $15.00 Fringe Addict $14.00

    Ivy Bar and Cabaret, 63 Cuba Street, Te Aro

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