Should Have Said No

Should Have Said No

Blue Flicker Productions

What do you do when you can’t even trust your own memories?
Pan wakes up one morning with the feeling that something awful happened last night but the memories swim just out of her reach. Lo insists that nothing happened but Pan becomes increasingly worried about the bruising on her knees and the blurry figure lurking at the edges of her consciousness. Why is Lo working so hard to push it further away? Slowly, Pan’s question of what turns into a question of why? What happened? Why did it happen? And why isn’t Lo doing anything about it?

Featuring different topics, such as girl code and sexuality, Should Have Said No attempts to cover the reality of being a woman in this world, the good, the bad and the scary. This is a loudly feminist play tackling discussions of consent, sexual assault, trauma and the mind, told through a distinctly female voice. Devised, written and performed by Tyler Clarke and Prea Millar and directed by Zoe Christall, this is a story that has been told in every facet of the media. This is for everyone who said she was asking for it, for everyone who asked her what she was wearing, for everyone who said she should have said no. Should Have Said No is uniquely concentrated on the idea that the fear no longer holds the power, and now it is time for us to speak.

Content Forecast:
Please be aware that Should Have Said No contains references to sexual assault and mental illness.
At no point are we trying to undermine the reality of assault or trauma, but rather to act as an outlet for these stories to be told, unbiasedly, from the mouths of two women. While the idea of all women being a united front is fantastic, our goal isn’t to be relatable or to try and wear the truth of someone else’s shoes. We simply want to acknowledge and speak up about something that often gets hidden behind the length of her skirt or how much she had to drink. This story comes from the

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