Tempest Theatre Co

Tempest Theatre Co presents DETECTED!

Mystery. Crime. Intrigue. Drama?

Join a cast of colourful and definitely not archetypal characters for this series of half-hour site-specific mystery shows. Mostly-improvised, somewhat-structured, slightly-scholarly - it's like Cluedo, except not copyrighted.

Scattered across Wellington during the entirety of Fringe, each of our shows is different from the next, and all are informed by the location they're performed in. Do you want to know the secrets of Queens Wharf? Have you spotted a ghost in the rafters of a local shop? And, most importantly, can you solve the mystery before we do?

Popping up all around the Wellington CBD - see website for details! This is a non-ticketed event. Koha avilable at the event.


Tempest Theatre Co is a local theatre company, specialising in diverse and esoteric work. This is their third show in the New Zealand Fringe Festival. 

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