Jason Henderson Reads The Telephone Book

He studied Acting. In New York. For this?

Celebrate Jason's literacy AND a lifetime's investment in voice and speech training.

Luxuriate in his mellifluous, golden baritone voice as he launches his least worthwhile, and most artistically dubious venture yet.

From ‘Aagesen’ to ‘Zwartz’, embark on a declamatory odyssey!


This impossible-to-repeat show is one of many* global events celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1921 deep sea telephone cable from Key West, Florida, to Havana, Cuba.

*no other events known at time of publication.

Critical Praise:

“Ultimately forgettable.”- an actual reviewer (whose name we have forgotten)

“You sounded like you were reading the telephone book.” - NYC Acting Coach (If they could see him now... )

Comedy Improvisation Lucky Dip Live Parts Drop In Free 18+

Waitoa Victoria Street
175 Victoria Street
Te Aro

Show Schedule

  1. Duration 35 minutes

    Price Free $0

    Waitoa Victoria Street, 175 Victoria Street, Te Aro

    Non-Ticketed Event
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